How ready do you feel your child is to start preschool? Are you concerned that they aren’t ready? If so, you must start focusing on teaching pre reading skills.

Not all children will start school as proficient readers. Learning how to read takes lots of practice, and children need to be in the right environment to absorb the skills taught to them. Besides, learning to read is fun, to begin with.

If you want to make sure your child is set, keep reading to find out how you can teach them to read.

Develop Fine Motor Skills

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Children can be encouraged to practice skills such as coloring, tracing, writing, building with blocks, Lego, gentle pencil or brushstrokes, gluing and cutting. Activities such as playing with play dough, using tweezers, using a clothespin, and manipulating shapes are also helpful. In addition, work on the left-to-right patterns.

Plus, practicing better hand-eye coordination, sorting, sequencing, and counting will help you to prepare the child for pre-reading skills. Enhancing their fine motor skills can be successfully done by providing fun and stimulating pre reading activities for preschoolers that are suited to the child’s age and abilities. By doing this, the child will be ready for the joy and benefits of pre-reading when the time comes.

Prepare the Right Environment

Prepare your Child

To ensure success in teaching pre reading skills to a child, it is important to create an engaging, nurturing environment. This is where the child can feel comfortable developing their love of reading. That means setting aside a specific space, like a reading nook, where your child can have access to reading material.

Ensure that books, magazines, and other reading materials are available and easily accessible to your child and that the area is free of technology and distractions. Therefore, the importance of social learning in teaching pre-reading skills to children is significant and must not be overlooked.

Foster a Love of Language Through Play

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One of the most important pre reading skills checklist that you can foster at home with your children is a love of language. A great way to do this is to make it part of playtime. Have conversations with your child and allow them to lead the conversation by responding to and reinforcing their words.

Read together and encourage them to look at the pictures in the book and talk about them. Provide opportunities for your children to explore language and sounds through their environment.

As they practice these pre reading skills activities, their understanding of words and language will grow. When children are given the right opportunity, they will be able to gain the pre-reading skills that can foster a lifelong love of language.

Pre Reading Skills to Boost Kids’ Reading Comprehension

Children are ready for preschool when they have developed their pre reading skills. This includes such as recognizing letters and sounds, tracking print, and knowing story structure.

With the proper instruction, these skills will help them become lifelong readers. Encourage your child to explore and practice these skills to prepare for preschool!

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