In an email newsletter sent to supporters yesterday, Tea Party Manatee — a political action committee based in Manatee County — pasted the text of a recent op-ed penned by state Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Shalimar, which makes an openly partisan argument against Amendments 5 and 6, the so-called “Fair Districts” amendments that will limit gerrymandering in Florida if approved by voters next Tuesday.

Gaetz’s words, included but not attributed in the newsletter, suggest that if 5 and 6 pass,

Democrats could sue their way into a majority in the Florida Legislature. State income taxes, increased business regulations and limitations on the free market would all be back on the table. Our state would move quickly in the wrong direction. A weakened conservative minority could offer only token resistance.

We all get it. This election is critically important to the future of our nation and our state. Vote no on Amendments 5 and 6 and keep the conservative comeback alive in Florida.

According to recent disclosure forms, the Republican Party of Florida is supplying 72 percent of the money being spent to defeat 5 and 6 by the political action committee Protect Your Vote.

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