For a civic group that bristles at charges of generating even the most suggestive air of violence, The 912 Project sure likes its handguns. Around the country, 912 Project members routinely prove that they take seriously their leader Glenn Beck’s trio of “God, Gold and Guns.” They meet at shooting ranges and offer member discounts on pistol-training courses.

And, as evidenced by an email (after the jump) recently sent out by a Tampa 912 Project organizer, they also hold family raffles where the prize is a handgun and a box of 9-millimeter shells. (Second prize is a copy of Opus Americanathe trailer for which exemplifies the tea party’s amusing love for overly dramatic string arrangements.)

Don’t own a Springfield Armory model 1911-A1? Here’s your chance, plus fun for the whole patriotic family:

Dear Tampa 912 Member, Please join us at the Alfano Conference and Banquet Center on Tuesday, June 29th at 6:30 pm for a meet & greet and 7pm for the General Member Meeting.


7:00 Will Weatherford, State Representative in District 61 will discuss the re-districting constitutional amendments that will be on the ballot in November.

8:00 – FAMILY FIREARMS RAFFLE -SPRINGFIELD ARMORY MODEL 1911-A1 and a box of 9mm’s from Lime Valley Ammo -2nd Prize is a beautifully bounded Opus Americana Book

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