Taking care of your lawn and maintaining a healthy and good looking lush look isn’t so easy. Especially if you live in Florida. The high temperatures and the lack of rain are some of the factors that will make it difficult for you. On top of that, there are some watering restrictions as well. 

Here are some tips that you will find helpful!

1. Determine the Type of lawn

There are lots of different types of lawns. They all require specific conditions, so it is very important that you choose te right type. You are looking for a lawn that can withstand high temperatures and dry weather. 

Some of the best choices are:

  • St. Augustine grass
  • Bahia grass
  • Bermuda grass 
  • Zoysia grass

2. Watering

Watering is essential when taking care of your lawn in Florida, however it can be a big problem due to restrictions. Make sure that you water the lawn deeply. Fewer deep waterings are better than having to water your lawn frequently. This method will stimulate the roots to grow bigger and deeper. It will make the lawn more durable to longer drought periods. The ideal time for watering is the morning. At this time, the plants will absorb the water. Never water your lawn in the middle of the day. The heat will make the water evaporate, and it won’t get in the right places.  

3. Check with professionals

When it comes to taking care of your lawn in Florida and maintaining its lush green look, it is always better to ask for help from a professional. But, you will have to do a little research first. Get to know the companies that cover your area. Talk with your neighbors and read some reviews online. 

When looking for the right service provider for you, make sure that you check their plans. Basic plans include services such as proper fertilization and weed control. If you need additional services, the companies can offer you a proper plan that will include landscaping as well. If gardening is your hobby, you will want to stick to basic plans so that you can do the rest.

For example, TruGreen Tampa offers pest control as an additional service.  If you are a busy homeowner that wants to have a perfect lawn and yard, you can get additional services in your advanced plans. 

4. Fertilize – Taking Care of Your Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn is very important if you are trying to improve the look of your Florida lawn. It will bring the needed nutrients for a healthy and lush green lawn. You are advised to do fertilizing 2 times a year, once in spring and once in fall being sure to follow all local and state fertilization guidelines for Florida lawns. Use fertilizers with nitrogen to supply the needed nutrients to the plant.  This will not only improve how full your grass looks it will also give your lawn that luscious green look you’re going for.  Make sure that the ingredients are slow releasing, which means that they will feed the grass for a longer time. Don’t forget to water your lawn after fertilizing, so that it will set into the soil. If you are not familiar with the fertilizing and which products to use, consult a specialist. 

5. Mowing

Frequent mowing and grooming your Florida lawn is a must. However, make sure that you don’t mow the lawn too short. St. Augustine grass does like to grow back fast and you’ll need to cut your Florida lawn at least once per week.  Cutting only one-third of the lawn leaf is sufficient. Never go lower than that. This will expose the soil and make the lawn more vulnerable to drought.

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