In the last 5 years, the sale of CBD products have increased 8 times and is expected to be a $1.15 billion industry by 2020.

But, have you tried CBD yet? Why not?

You should know there is a reason CBD gummies, tinctures, oils, and other edibles are surpassing the market of THC cannabis sales. 

Now is the time to see why CBD is becoming so widely used.

Start discovering the benefits of CBD by reading these reasons to try them in delicious gummy form. 

Non-Psychoactive Part of Cannabis

You may be asking yourself: What are CBD gummies? First of all, let’s discuss how CBD differs from THC.

CBD stands for cannabidiol while THC means Tetrahydrocannabinol, both are one of 113 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

THC reacts in your body differently as it causes a psychoactive “high.” On the other hand, CBD acts as a therapeutic substance without the “high.” 

When you take the best CBD gummies, you get the herbal benefits of cannabis without the effects of THC.

Since CBD is nonpsychoactive, you can buy them in all of the 50 states legally (some easier than others). Let me explain.

First, let’s look at the simple states. These 10 states allow all recreational forms of cannabis:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Vermont
  • Washington

All other states, besides three, allow medical use of CBD gummies. The other three: Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota, have extremely strict laws on who can buy and use CBD products. 

Hemp (cannabis containing less than .3% of THC) is now federally legal (so no worries there).

Easy to Take, Discreet, and Tasty

Carry your CBD gummies with you anywhere since they look just like any other candy or gummy vitamin. And they don’t need any equipment to use, for example, a smoking device like a vaporizer or an eye dropper for tinctures.

They can be taken as a snack in the middle of the day to satisfy your sweet tooth without having any side effects. 

Plus, they come in a variety of flavors and various levels of CBD dosages. 

Naturally Treat Common Aliments

Use CBD gummies for pain, insomnia, depression, nausea, inflammation, and high blood pressure. It is even used to clear up acne

It works by connecting to your endocannabinoid receptors that target your mood and nervous system that responds to pain and brain function. For this reason, it also helps people in recovery from addiction. 

Healthier Than Smoking

Eating the cannabis plant saves your throat and lungs from the carcinogenic effect of smoking it. Even vaping takes a toll on your lungs.

Edibles provide an easy and healthy way to digest cannabis. This is a simple way for first-time CBD users to try the substance without resorting to smoking. 

Ready to Buy CBD?

After reading about all the benefits of CBD gummies, you want to know how to get some for yourself.

Buying gummies are just as easy as taking them. Online stores deliver gummies right to your door. Or if you want to speak to a professional, find a dispensary near you

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