Taking care of your skin post-workout may seem like a step in your routine that is not very important, especially when you are rushing through your day so you can get everything done that needs to be done. It can be hard to take some time to take care of your skin post-workout.

If you want to keep your skin healthy and looking good it is a process that must be done, unless you are one of those few lucky people that have great skin no matter what you do. Let’s take a look at a routine that you should get into the habit of doing after every workout, no matter how intense it was.



Your workout gear might look great on you, but the moisture that is trapped in it is very harmful to your skin, especially if you are wearing tight clothes designed to workout in. Whether you are at a home or at a gym, take the time to take off all the clothes that you had on and get into some clean ones, after you do the next step of course.


Jump into the shower and get the sweat washed off. It can plug up your pores and make your skin oily, which can cause blemishes and acne. So, get scrubbed down, rinse off, and then head to the sink so you can work on your face.


Hopefully, you took the time to take your makeup off before you did your workout, but if not, we can still manage. But first, you will need to remove it all. Use a face cleanser to get any residual sweat or dirt off. Make sure that you are using a product that does not suck the moisture out of your pores. We will be applying a moisturiser later, but we do not want the cleanser to remove any natural moisture that your skin has.



This is a step that some think is more harmful to your skin post-workout than it is helpful, but if you do it correctly it should help because it removes anything that the cleanser missed, and it will clean out all the pores in your face. A good rule of thumb to follow would be to go ahead and do it if it is part of your routine, if not, skip this step as long as you have taken extra care with the cleanser.


This is another step that you may be able to skip, but if you have oily skin or acne (or any other type of imperfections in your skin) you will want to include this after your workout. This product is designed to isolate these types of imperfections and to deal with their cause of them.


The final step in your post-workout skin routine will be to add moisture to your face to keep it healthy and great-looking. It was mentioned earlier that we need to change clothes to remove the moisture from our skin, but that was bad wetness. A moisturizer goes into your skin’s pores and makes it healthier with ingredients designed to help.

Final Thoughts

want your skin to stay healthy.

It may seem like a longer process than the time you have allows for, but it is imperative that you follow this routine if you want your skin to stay healthy. We are not just talking about your facial skin, either. If you do a workout, change, and go back to your day the skin on your entire body will have plugged pores. Plugged with bad moisture and particles that will cause your skin damage. If you can take the time to work out during your busy day, you can schedule the time to take care of your skin post-workout.

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