I.  Introduction

If you are a parent then you know how difficult it can be every time you see your child in the field playing. The first thought that comes into your head is how you don’t want them to end up hurt which can end up into a concussion. With TackleBar you get to be a TackleBar parent being sure that the tools provided then your son will come home in one peace. Prior to this, the feeling was like that of sending a loved one to Afghanistan to fight the Isis.

II.  The start of TackleBar

Jeremy Ling was the Founder member of the outstanding and the impeccable TackeBar sports Startup. Later building up a partnership with Minnesota Kings having the motivation of a father whose interest was to look up for young talented footballers. Ling and his wife Brigid were paranoid parents every time their children were out in the field playing which was a feeling that was shared by many parents. After two years they decided to look for a solution and end this paranoia. This meeting created TackleBar football, which was an institution that aimed at generating harnesses that offering learning experiences to football players.

Teaching them the necessary tackling skills that help reduce the chances of harmful risks happening in the field. This solution was a guarantee of safety for their children giving them peace of mind every time they send them to the field.

III.  How TackleBar operates

The TackleBar offers the TackleBar harness that is designed with double foam bars at the back which are removable on the mid-area. Utilizing the different safety tackling techniques individuals aim to get at the ball holder and grab one of the foam bars on the backside. This exercise emphasizes the implementation of appropriate tackling tactics which lowers the rates of injury once a player is thrown down by another.

Jeremy Ling who is an engineer specifying in the trade sector developed the safety harness. He claimed that his objective was to create a device that would teach football lovers to play safely.

IV. TackleBar partnership

The CEO Tim Healy, the VP Brigid Ling, Jeremy Ling being the COO. According to Ling, there has been a reduction in football participation due to the safety issues but the concerned authorities are so supportive when it comes to the required changes that are required to be done.

Over the last couple of years, TackleBar has made partnerships with various partners, for example, the partnership with Vikings that happened during the last fall. The objective of this partnership was to generate more safety harnesses for young football players. Under the management of the former Vikings member E.J Henderson.

According to Ling coming up with this initiative has motivated him to keep going since he feels as if the talents of young footballers are on his arms.

Tacklebar has major developments in line for them and is looking to have a spring tournament with the great Viking at the Eden Prairie facility. Over the past couple of years, technological advancements have been implemented to serious and dangerous injuries that happen frequently in the football field.

TackleBar and the USA Football partnership will provide training to coaches as well to guide them on how to utilize the safety tools in their entities at the 2020 ‘USA Football National Conference’ together with USA Football events.

It was started back in the year 2016 and since then it has been effective in over 27 states. Their gown partnership with USA football will enable them to grow wider expanding its global outreach and also get the right funding to design other devices that can be utilized in other institutions.

SBO has also advocated these safety measures be applied to making betting consistent for them because they wouldn’t be any betting if all the footballers were injured.

V.  Conclusion

Based on a report from Healy the main aim of this organization is to provide a fundamental and safe experience for the football players. With these innovations, there would be no more dead talents as they are now leaving the audience on SBO wondering if they would ever recover. Injuries have caused many players their income and expertise but with the TackleBar these risks will be reduced and build on young talents.

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