If you know anything about the fashion world, you know that it’s always changing. New seasons bring new trends and styles, and a style-savvy person always strives to keep up. But looking fly isn’t just for grown-ups.

With the dawn of social media, everyone has access to the latest style trends. Kids are no exception. Hip parents around the world deck their kids out in fresh attire so that they can stunt as a family.

With summer on the horizon, you need to get your kid’s closet popping. Here are our top 3 brands to take your little one’s summer fashion to the next level.

Mini Rodini

As fashion brands go, Mini Rodini is a relative newcomer. This Swedish children’s brand was founded in 2006 by illustrator Cassandra Rhodin.

The brand is a tribute to all things youthful. Rhodin felt that kids’ fashion should reflect their playful, imaginative nature. Mini Rodini’s designs are fun, colorful, and creative.

Beyond having awesome designs, the brand is also focused on ethically-sourced, sustainable clothing. This is great news for any parents with an eye to environmental concerns and human rights issues.Β 

The fact that the clothing is ethically sourced also means that the quality is through the roof. Instead of exporting their labor and turning out quickly made, cheap goods, they focus on creating a product that lasts.

They also did a collaboration with Adidas, so you can’t go wrong there.

Kith Kids

Kith is a brand that embodies the fashion world’s newfound love of streetwear. Over the last few years, Kith has established itself as a top name in adult street fashion. With Kith Kids, they bring that same sensibility to a younger audience.

If you ever dreamed of being able to match with your little dude or lady in some fresh threads, this is the ideal brand for you. Kith takes its sleek, hip designs to the playground with pieces that evoke youth.

Not only that, Kith Kids has pulled off some impressive and fitting collabs. Sporting iconic kids’ characters from Spongebob to Rugrats, any kid will feel at home in these clothes.


If you’re not familiar with Catamini, it’s time to get acquainted. This Paris brand was first founded in 1972 and has been growing ever since. In 2019, they’re a worldwide brand known for their timeless kids’ clothing designs.

Catamini’s charm is in their eye for designs that evoke classic motifs while still being fresh and modern. From girls coats to sundresses and stylish polos, they make clothes kids can feel comfortable and confident in.

Their colorful, creatively patterned designs are the perfect summer statement. Consider padding your kids’ closet with a few of their pieces this season.

Keep Summer Fashion Fun

The great unifier in the brands we listed is that they’re all focused on keeping it fun and kid-friendly. Summer fashion should always be fun, but that applies doubly for kids.

If you’re interested in more crucial fashion advice, keep reading!

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