A new survey by the Pew Research Center finds fewer Republicans (16 percent, down from 33 percent last September) and Americans overall (14 percent, down from 23 percent) describing themselves as “angry” with the federal government.

A growing number say they’re “frustrated.” Other options — “basically content” and “don’t know” — remain statistically unchanged.

Only 28 percent of those who say they agree with the tea party movement describe themselves as angry, down from 47 percent last year.

Liberals and labor households are rallying around unions amid calls to strip public employees of collective bargaining and other rights in Florida, Wisconsin and elsewhere and ads condemning union protests, with a surge in members of those groups saying they have a “very favorable” view of organized labor.

The full report (.pdf) notes:

As the intensity of support for labor unions has grown in union households, overall favorability has remained about the same (69% in February, 73% now).

There has been no corresponding shift in opinion among conservative Republicans or non-labor households. Very unfavorable views of labor are about the same as they were in February for these groups, as negative views of labor have become no more intense.

Hat tip: Saint Petersblog.

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