Did you know that 147 million people consume cannabis plant products? Thatโ€™s about 2.5% of the worldโ€™s total population!

Cannabis legalization has spread across the globe throughout the years. Most countries allow medical use, and some have already embraced recreational consumption. You could be aware of the effects and benefits of cannabis, but there are still wonders to discover.

Are you looking for some fun facts about cannabis? Keep on reading because youโ€™re on the right page! This article will be going over seven surprising facts about cannabis you may not know yet.

1. Ancient Plant of Life

Ancient Plant of Life

Cannabis is much older than you think. For millennia, human ancestors used this plant of life for many applications. Its first use dates back to 2800 BC, proven by then-Emperor Shen Nungโ€™s pharmacopeia.

The marijuana plant helped ancient Chinese civilizations make food, oil, rope, and textiles. Through trading operations, the use of cannabis expanded from China to the rest of the world.

2. First Online Shopping Item

The first product bought and sold online was cannabis! Who would’ve thought it even came first before expected necessities?

The first e-Commerce transaction was the purchase of marijuana in 1971 by some Stanford students. These students bought weed from students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Some claim otherwise, however.

3. Buried With Bob Marley

One of the strangest cannabis facts could be the one with Bob Marley. The famous Jamaican singer requested different items in his casket before his death. These included his red Gibson guitar, a Bible, and the cannabis bud.

He made his interpretation of the Bible verse 23rd Psalm. Like the verse mentioning lying down in green pastures, he did the same, only lying down in green weed.

4. Too Much Wonโ€™t Kill

In the traditional sense, cannabis overdose is a thing, but it wonโ€™t be enough to kill you. Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray once said everything is good but in moderation. Yeah, expect adverse and harmful effects with high doses of cannabis.

5. A Month Positive

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The effects of marijuana strains can last 1-3 hours, but the substance can stay in your body for about a month. The THC in marijuana soaks in fatty tissues in the body’s organs. Standard urine tests can detect THC up to three days after consumption.

Urine testing can sometimes reveal THC for a month or so for heavy users. To get tested in a month after last use is not a good idea.

6. Americans Grow the Most

Americans have quite a love affair with cannabis. The legal sale of cannabis across America hit $17.5 billion in 2020.

7. Goes Well With Chocolates

Cannabis laws in Europe, America, and others already allow recreational marijuana. Some get the most out of their cannabis experience by pairing it with chocolates. Eating chocolates feels the same as consuming cannabis; thus, both go well together.

Discover More About Cannabis Plant Today

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There are many things about the cannabis plant that you and even scientists are yet to know. Above are only a few of the best ones that may surprise you. Who knows, you might need fun knowledge like this in the future.

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