Have you ever stopped to wonder what your business smells like? Well, all of your customers have probably thought about it at one point or another.

Smell is just one of the main senses people use every day, yet not every store or business takes advantage of it. Scent marketing campaigns are an important customer experience strategy that many businesses and organizations are utilizing.

Here are five ways you can benefit from using scent marketing.

1. Improve Brand Recognition

Improve Brand Recognition

Scents play a strong role in people’s memories. Nothing brings you back to your childhood quite like the smell of your grandmother’s apple pie in the oven.

Similarly, associating your business with certain smells helps to improve your brand recognition.

This is a common unintentional strategy of coffee shops that draw people in from the street with the smell of a fresh brew. You can utilize this association to your benefit in whatever industry you work in.

2. Good Scents Keep People Around

In addition to improving your brand recognition, a good smelling business also helps to keep people around.

Scent marketers know the very first impression a guest has of a hotel is how it smells. It improves the guest experience and can help to provide a welcoming atmosphere.

You can work scent into your business in a two-fold strategy by using floral arrangements. Not only do they look pretty, but they’ll also lend a subtle fresh scent to your business.

3. Positive Memory Association

One of the benefits of scent marketing is how it stays with a customer or guest long after they’ve left your business. Casinos are one type of business that take great advantage of their scent marketing.

One common casino marketing strategy is sending players home with branded fragrances that they can purchase. When a prior guest uses these scents, it can trigger the same feelings they had when they were there.

4. Attract New Customers

Attract New Customers

Have you ever walked by a Bath and Body Works storefront and not gone inside? It’s possible but unlikely.

The reason is that good scents can attract new customers.

Your scent marketing strategy doesn’t need to be as obvious as Bath and Body Works, but even a subtle fragrance can heighten the customer retail experience. Slap an air freshener on the wall and see how much it helps.

5. Increased Staff Productivity

Scent marketing isn’t just a customer experience strategy. It can also create a more positive and welcoming environment for your staff.

People work more efficiently in an environment that smells good. Your employees will be more alert and productive, and it’ll improve their overall mood.

Plus, if your employees are happier, then their customer service will be much better.

Scent Marketing for a Premium Experience

Nobody wants their business to smell bad, and as it turns out, customers don’t want that either. Positive smells create positive experiences.

Putting the smallest effort into a scent marketing strategy can have a number of benefits for your business or organization.

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