The Supreme Court seal (Pic by Hayfordoleary, via WIkimedia Commons)

The U.S. Supreme Court will cast its votes on the Florida-led challenge to the health care reform law today, but an announcement on those votes will not come till much later.

This week, the Justices heard oral arguments in the case, brought to the Supreme Court by 26 states, to the Affordable Care Act, the historic health care reform law signed into law in 2010.

Arguments were heard regarding provisions in the law that impose an individual mandate on citizens to buy health insurance, the expansion of Medicaid, as well as other parts of the law. Today, the Justices will meet in private and cast votes on whether or not they believe the law, and specific provisions of it, are constitutional.

However, the Court will not announce the decision until the summer. There are reports that the decision is expected to be announced in the last week of June.

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