This year the National Football League is celebrating 100 years of its existence. One of the most popular sports in America, football has taken over the title of America’s pastime from baseball.

Now when we discuss the NFL, we would be remiss not to mention the Super Bowl. The most-watched sporting event in America, the Super Bowl is coming up in a few short months and will have every American glued to their screens.

The 2020 NFL Super Bowl will be the 54th. And though there’s no doubt you knew that already, how many other relevant Super Bowl facts do you know?

1. Ad Prices Are Sky-High

An unsettled road to Super Bowl 2021

Due to how many viewers the Super Bowl receives every year, every second of broadcast time is worth its weight in gold. That’s why the advertising prices are the highest that companies will pay for a television broadcast in the US.

Seconds are worth millions. Literally. Just a thirty-second slot will set you back almost $3 million. Given how many ads air during the Super Bowl, and how long the game is, you can calculate for yourself how much money the Super Bowl pulls in!

2. Second Most-Watched Sporting Event

The Super Bowl is the second most-watched sporting event around the world. It is second only to the UEFA Champions League final. This makes sense, as soccer has a far more significant following all around the world. However, it goes to show how powerful football is.

America is the only country to play football. Yet, it still manages to pull the second most-watched viewership for the national championship of its own proprietary sport. That, along with the popularity of forming Super Bowl 2020 odds, speaks volumes to how faithful the American public is to the sport.

3. The Lombardi Trophy Is a Big ‘Un

Februarys Super Bowl

Any sports competition is done for a trophy, and the Super Bowl is no different. The trophy that is awarded to the winning team is known as the Lombardi trophy. In keeping with the significance of the accomplishment of declaring the champion of the National Football League, the Lombardi Trophy is an impressive specimen. It’s almost two feet tall and costs just shy of $30,000 to produce!

4. Lots of Balls

Each NFL team receives in excess of 100 footballs before the Super Bowl. These are the same balls that will be used in-game. They can be used for practice so that the team can acclimatize itself to the ball.

5. Long Halftime

The standard NFL halftime is timed at fifteen minutes. However, in order to accommodate for an extravagant halftime show, the Super Bowl has unset halftime that can range anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes long. To compensate, athletes will start warming up for the second half later than usual.

Fun Super Bowl Facts

Fun Super Bowl Facts


With these fun Super Bowl facts, you can wow your friends with your knowledge of the championship the next time the Super Bowl rolls around in just a couple of months!

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