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Americans for Prosperity of Florida is recruiting Florida tea party members to man the polls on election day, paying tea party leaders $2 for every person they recruit, according to Sunshine State News.

Sunshine State News reports:

The conservative group Americans for Prosperity is signing up Florida tea party leaders to serve as regional coordinators, and paying groups $2 per signature to recruit Election Day volunteers.

“It’s an opportunity for tea parties to raise dollars for their organizations by helping AFP with an awareness and membership drive on Tuesday,” said Slade O’Brien, AFP’s Florida director.

Americans for Prosperity is a right-wing group that was founded by the billionaire Koch brothers to help build grassroots support for conservative policies.

The issue of potential election fraud has been a big issue among tea party groups all over the country. Many right-wing activist have decried possible voter fraud and questionable election practices, building hysteria around one particular group of community organizers called ACORN, which they argue helped carry out vast voter fraud in the 2008 election. ACORN is now defunct.

According to Sunshine State News, a former leader of Americans for Prosperity in Florida said that the group’s current plans are not different from the activities carried out by ACORN.

“Incentivizing people with money is no different than what ACORN or other groups are doing,” Apryl Marie Fogel told Sunshine State.

Hysteria over alleged voter fraud led to the state passing an elections law that has been denounced by many groups all over the state.

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