Sunny Andrews on Starting Her Own Personalized Fitness Plans Business: What Kickstarted Her Entrepreneurial Spirit

Sunny Andrews is an MD who’s completed her rotations everywhere from London to California. Yet she’s far more well-known for her role in the fitness industry than she is as a clinician. In addition to being a celebrated bodybuilder and a noted competitor, she also started a business helping people with their individual journeys to wellness. She opens up about her career trajectory and how she gained notoriety in a saturated industry.

Small Business Today

Small Business

There’s something of a dichotomy happening in our world today. Even as more and more people take on the challenge of being their own boss, large corporations everywhere are trying to buy out anyone they perceive as competition. Yet small business is still alive and well for those who know what they’re good at and know how to find people who will benefit from their talents.

Andrews was in rotations when she decided to start a consulting business. All the information she’d learned in school was enough to give her clients an advantage when it came to getting back in shape or achieving the body of their dreams. This would lead her to her career in bodybuilding, and how it could modify the ways that people eat and how they perceive their appearance.

What Drives Sunny Andrews Personalized Fitness Plans

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From books to movies to Ted Talks to podcasts, the public knows where they can go to find nutritional and exercise advice. What they might not know is how to find information that relates to them personally. Sunny Andrews learned a lot during rotations and residency, but what struck her was just how many people needed to repair their relationship with food. She couldn’t do that without digging into some of the root causes that lie under unhealthy habits.

How a person looks and feels is a product of countless choices they make throughout the day. With little more than generic advice like ‘get more whole foods’ or ‘take 10,000 steps a day, the reality is that lasting results are few and far between for most people. When Dr. Andrews creates a personalized meal plan or a workout schedule for her client, she’s doing so much more than any website, fact sheet, or even AI algorithm could do. She actively listens to the people she works with and she holds them accountable for their choices. She wants people to know that transformation is possible, and it can be done without turning to the latest healthcare fad or empty promises.

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Sunny Andrews and her consulting business saw more popularity when people learned about her clients’ dramatic stories. While she’s the first to admit that losing more than 100 pounds is a headline-grabber, she’s far more interested in the smaller milestones that her clients manage to meet every day. She had to be aware of what her clients were doing on a granular level, so she could figure out which strategies would be most effective for them. Judging by the positive response of her clients and her eventual foray into body-building, it’s clear she knew what she was doing.

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