English football is only a few weeks to the second half of the 2021/22 season and the top three leagues are taking shape, each showing a clear indication of what might happen in the next five months. One team that many are watching is Sunderland, a team that has been in the cold for two seasons. Its attempt to get promoted to EFL was thwarted following its defeat by Black Cats. Mightytips predicts that this time around, Sunderland will make it to the EFL league.

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It is not only the experts at Mightytips who feel that Sunderland is not in the right place, comparisons have been made where Sunderland’s current position is equated with Sheffield Wednesday, Leeds, and Wolves; teams which have been in a similar situation, something that pundits feel should not be the case. Many feel that the team may have been there for a reason but it’s not acceptable for clubs of Sunderland caliber to be in that position for long.

Currently, the club is doing well, with the performance being described as the best in the years. If the team does not get out of league one, it will not just disappoint the fans but all those who have been following its performance. Many feel that it has been there for too long already and they have to keep up the performance and come 2022/23, they get the much-deserved promotion and perhaps get to the highest level a year after.

A comparison has been made where the Sunderland situation has been compared with other teams which may have gone through the same ordeal.

  • Sheffield Wednesday, Leeds, and Wolves have also been in the same position.
  • Leeds and Wolves are now playing at the topmost leagues in England while Sheffield Wednesday is in the same league with Sunderland and each team is trying hard to get out of what many terms as an unfamiliar place for the two oldest clubs in England.
  • Mightytips predicts that Sunderland and Sheffield Wednesday will get the much-deserved promotion come next season.
  • The two teams have put up a spirited fight this season and everyone hopes that their effort will be rewarded.

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Sheffield Wednesday

This is a professional football club that is currently playing in League One. The club has been around since 1867 and is rated as one of the oldest football clubs in England. Upon the formation of the Premier League in 1992, the team which was one of the founder members stayed at the top but has not returned at the helm since their relegation in 2000.

They have four league titles to their name, have won FA cups three times, have bagged One League cup and FA community Shield respectively. They have also shone at the continental level having participated in the UEFA on four tournaments. Three years ago they achieved a rare feat where they remained the only team outside the top league to win one major trophy. The team which was relegated from EFL during the 2020/21 season is doing well in League one and has been named a top contender on several occasions.

Its recent win against Crewe shows the team’s strong side. The team is currently placed seventh, having garnered 37 points out of the twenty matches they have played in the season. The team believes that the win against Crewe solidifies their position as a top contender and as one of the teams which will be promoted to EFL next season.

The team management believes that they are headed in the right direction where they are moving unnoticed. Their target is to be the top team but if they fail to clinch the title they have to be among the teams which will gain promotion next season.


Sunderland was founded in 1879 and has won five titles in the top league and finished as a runners-up five seasons. They have also bagged the FA cup two times and emerged runners-up in several tournaments.

In the last season, they finished at position four missing promotion by a whisker when they were beaten by Black Cats 2-1 in a highly-charged match. In this season Sunderland is third in the league one table, two points behind Rotherham, the table leaders. Out of the 21 games that the team has played, they have won 13, drew 3, and lost 5. Their eyes are on promotion after staying out of the cold for two consecutive seasons.

First Match

The teams were meeting in League One after a while and Sunderland, which has been at this level for the second season, showed its strong side by beating Sheffield Wednesday 3-0. This coincided with the release of the Sheffield United retro shirts. Blades fans according to the available reports seem to have gone down well with the Sheffield United retro shirts. The Sheffield United retro shirts can be obtained at Job lot Sheffield can be worn during the Leeds Light Night.

First Match

This is the same time when the Leeds light night was happening. For those who may not be familiar with Leeds light night, this is the United Kingdom’s largest annual arts and light festival that is organized in October. The event allows people to discover free arts events; from music, dance, street performances, and interactive installations, everyone has something to enjoy.

Previous Non – League One Matches

In the previous meets away from League One, the teams have recorded mixed results. In their England Carabao Cup game way back in 2018 Sheffield Wednesday carried the day when they beat Sunderland 2-0.

They have shown the strong side four months earlier when they beat them by finishing strong by 3-1. In their 2017 matches, Sunderland won one of the matches. In the matches before this, Sunderland carried the day, defeating Wednesday two times with a large margin.

Second Match

Sunderland and Sheffield Wednesday’s first match of the season may be a pointer of how things may turn out on 30th December 2021. If you want to get a comprehensive review of the match visit football betting sites Ireland where you will get lots of information about the team, player profiles as well as news about clubs ownership including Leeds United owner

Second match

Leeds Rise And Fall

Leeds United have been in the same position as Sunderland, finding itself at the top and then in unfamiliar territories of League one. The club was one of the pioneer clubs of the Premier League and it maintained a good position in the 1990s even to a point of reaching the Semifinals in the Champions League.

Although they were doing well, their level of spending had reached unmanageable levels, and the club accumulated huge debts. This affected the team and during the 2003-04 seasons the team was relegated to the EFL. Just like Sunderland, the team found itself being relegated further. Leeds United owner and the fans too were not happy with the turn of events. The Leeds owner as well as the whole club fraternity felt that something drastic was needed.

The Leeds United club’s problems as the owner had it was not just financial, there were lots of measures that needed to be taken to bring the team back to its former glory. The actions taken by the Leeds owner helped it avoid expulsion. The team was back and in 2009-10 seasons they were back to the championship, finally earning their promotion to the premier league in the 2020-21 seasons.

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