There is something about summer weddings that brings out the romantic in all of us. When you say the word “summer weddings”, so many images pop up into our heads and they all have one thing in common – a dash of color. Gone are the days when yellow, peach and pink were the only colors to choose from for a summer wedding. These days, it’s all about being unique yet chic. Let us look at a few summer wedding colors that will elevate your party to the next level.

Sage and Poppy

Flowers, tropical hues, green leafy motifs with colors of poppy and sage make this perfect for destination weddings.

White, Gold and Green

A classic yet unique combination – this one will add that extra oomph to your cake, decor, and invites.

Lilac and Lavender

If you love the purple palette, you should consider this combination for color selection for your wedding. This will look wonderful in an outdoor setting as the natural light will further accentuate these tones.


This one got Pantone’s Color of the Year -2019. A bright summery color which makes for a memorable theme. Think hibiscus and grapefruit along with matching coral colored table linen. Picture perfect!

Seaside Greens and Blues

This combination is perfect for a beachside wedding. The tones will complement the natural beauty of the ocean and give you a day worth remembering.

Marigold and Floral

This makes for a vibrant combination. It can perk up the bridesmaids’ gowns and add a dash of color to your floral arrangements.


This one never goes out of style. From gowns to flowers to desserts, it fits all.

Gold and Peach

For those who have that extra romance in their heart, this is the perfect color for you. Soft, sweet and romantic!

Neutrals and Woods

This is a rustic option that brings out the “outdoor-ness” and “wilderness” in a wedding. You could make it more unique by creating handmade wooden invitations.

Mustard yellow for summer

Summer brings to mind – sunflowers, lemons, daffodils, sunshine and everything yellow. This sunny color makes for a bright, happy wedding theme.

Metallic Pastels

For those who want pastels and not be predictable, a metallic pastel elevates the simple and sweet pastels to chic and unique.

Sherbet and Orange

Imagine a wedding ceremony during sunset with sunset hues! Oranges and sherbets will be a perfect complement to this wedding, adding a dash of color to the bouquets, linen and more.

Blues and Navy

There are so many possibilities with a blue themed wedding. Blue glass cutlery, blue linen, the groom in a dashing navy suit and more.

Natural Green and Deep Purple

A classy combination that can spruce up your backyard wedding. Lilac bouquets and deep green linen will have everyone sighing in envy!

Color Bouquet

A rainbow-themed wedding is the “in” thing now. You do not follow any theme. You just take multiple colors and mix and match according to your tastes. Use as many colors as possible and turn your wedding into a riot of colors.

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