So you’re getting ready to travel the world this summer. You have all your plans ready, your passport is packed, and now you just have to fill up your suitcase. Traveling with a large bag can be quite a hassle, though, and all those cobblestones can really get in the way of you being your best travel-fashionista through different tourist cities and towns.

Luckily, there are some ways you can look like the jet set goddess you are without having to lug around a massive bag with you. With these packing hacks, you’ll be turning heads all over the world in no time at all:

Create a color palette

Ideally, every single item you pack should match with each other. You don’t know how easily accessible laundry facilities may be while traveling, and why bother spending your time washing clothes when you can be out exploring? The easiest way to bypass mismatched outfits while packing less is to create a color palette even before you start packing. Pick a few neutral colors to focus your entire wardrobe on, and then stock up when shopping at online boutiques. Think colors like black, white, gray, light pink, light blue, and tan.

Don’t go overboard on the shoes

Chances are, you won’t need as many shoes as you think you will. For summer travel, you’ll only need a sturdy pair of sneakers, a comfortable flat that can be dressed up or down, and a pair of sandals. Try only to bring shoes you will wear on a regular basis, and you’ll be sure to cut down on room in your luggage. Another pro-tip: always wear your heaviest shoes on travel days to cut down on bag weight.

Add one of each accessory

Accessories aren’t only bulky, they’re quite heavy as well. Only include one of each accessory when packing. That means pick one necklace, one pair of earrings, and one ring. Make sure each piece is special, and matches each other as well as a few outfits. If you’re going to go with a scarf, a blanket scarf is a great option as it can double as a blanket on chilly flights and cold hotel rooms. Plus, limiting your accessories will leave room in your bag to buy some at your destination.

Do not bring “just in case” items

It can be tempting to pack items that you’ll need “just in case” such as fancy items for a night out or beach accessories. If these situations happen, you can simply buy a cheap item in your final destination and then toss it or recycle it to another traveler. Packing light does require some sacrifice and it’s always helpful to play by the 80/20 rule. This equates to 20% of what you pack will account for 80% of what you wear. It is a waste of space to account for emergencies. Most likely, you will have access to shops and other resources on the off chance you’ll need an additional item.

Pack for one week

An easy way to bypass stress during the packing process is to only pack items that you’d use for about a week. No matter how long you are traveling, you’ll only need to have clothes that can last you about that long considering you’ll be able to do laundry.

For most travelers, a week’s worth of clothes equates to 2-3 pairs of pants, 7 shirts, a pair of workout clothes, one coat, and a pair of socks and underwear for every day of the week. Think of it this way; one week of clothes is much more manageable to pack, let alone wash and carry with you.

With these tips and tricks at your disposal, you’ll be packing for your next trip in no time at all. So get ready Carmen Sandiego, you’ll be a fashionista the world over!

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