Summer is in full swing and summer styles are heating up. Whether you are a regular at your local beach club or you’re about to embark on a long summer holiday, getting your fashion tips in order is a must. Here are some trends you’ll definitely want to bone up on whether at grailed or not.

Tribal Bold

This trend is exactly what it says, it’s bold and tribal. Colors are bold with tribal designs to give you a sexy look throughout the summer months. You’ll feel like an African Queen in these outfits and they are extremely fashionable on any beach in the world.

Trench Coats

Yes, that’s right trench coats are back in this summer. They are highly versatile and you can dress down or with them. Nude colors are best for summer trench coats and they look good in both hi and loso styles.  

Hot Pants

Hot pants are basically the very shortest pants around. They are really short shorts but we call them Hot Pants because they make you look hot. If you are in really good shape these pants are for you, plus you can pair them with a number of different tops and accessories. Don’t forget to wear underwear that matches when you put on Hot Pants.

Athletic Wear

Athletic Wear or Athleticism as it’s often called accentuates the tomboy look. This trend is coming back in style this year and many ladies are choosing to sport it. If you pair jumpers that are too big for you and boy shorts you’ll have the tomboy look for sure. Also, some heels and knee-high socks will do the trick. Don’t go for the tracksuit look this year though, it’s not trending.

Party Dresses

The party dress is something you’ll always want to have in your closet and with the summer party schedule that most people rack up party dresses will be in high demand for you. Party dresses are very comfortable during the summertime and they’re extremely sexy and fashionable. Choose rare designs with nude colors to enhance your curves.  

Blazers and Jumpsuits

Blazers have been a fashion staple for the last decade and they are still around this summer.   Their versatility makes them hard to argue with. On those cool summer nights, a blazer can keep you warm.  Roll up the sleeves and wear them with denim or with your dress.

Jumpsuits have seen a rise in popularity in the last year or two. When people are not in the mood for the typical party dress they are opting for the jumpsuit. These add class to any wardrobe are still comfortable.


Nude colors are rounding out this summer’s fashion. Neutral and nude tones which reduce boldness is the style here. Nude colors allow you to have a blend of different themes that can be fun.

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