Did you know that 37.5 million people 18 and over have some trouble hearing? Are you experiencing sudden hearing loss and are wondering if it’s a sign of hearing problems?

In this article, you’ll discover the top signs and causes of hearing loss. Read on to find out when you should head to the doctor before it’s too late or gets worse.

Hearing Loss

There are 3 main types of hearing loss which include sensorineural (inner ear), conductive (outer or middle ear), or mixed which is a combination of the two. When you’re exposed to loud noise, and as you age, these can both cause hearing loss. If you have a build-up ear wax in your ear, this can cause temporary sudden hearing loss in one ear or both.

While most hearing problems aren’t reversible, there are steps you can take with your doctor to improve your hearing. There are digital rechargeable hearing aids depending on your particular condition and these don’t have to be expensive to do the job.

Signs of Hearing Loss

If you feel you can hear but can’t understand what someone is saying you could be experiencing hearing loss. Do others say you turn the TV or radio up too loudly? Maybe you have to ask others to repeat themselves. These could all be signs you’re experiencing hearing loss.

1. Sensorineural Hearing Loss Symptoms

If you’re experiencing sensorineural hearing loss, it won’t be something you suddenly experience, but instead, it gradually occurs over time. You might notice one ear can hear better than the other, or that you don’t like loud sounds such as fireworks anymore. It affects how clearly and loudly you can hear a sound.

2. Warning Signs

Do you think others are mumbling and you have to ask them to repeat themselves? If you’re constantly misunderstanding what others are saying and think they’re mumbling, these can be signs of hearing loss. A roaring or hissing sound can also mean a problem.

3. Problems Hearing

Do you notice you have more problems hearing someone on the telephone? Or, if you have trouble hearing someone talk when there is background noise this could also be a sign of hearing loss. The good news is there are hearing aids that cancel out background noise so you can focus on what someone is telling you.

4. Causes

As you get older or experience loud noises, it can cause wear and tear to your nerve cells or hair within your ear. When they’re damaged, that can impact how you hear. If you have an ear infection, that can cause hearing loss, as well as tumors or growths. When you poke your eardrum with an object or experience sudden changes in pressure, this can lead to problems as well.


Whether you experience sudden hearing loss or gradual, you don’t want to delay making an appointment with your doctor. Hearing can make communication difficult, so some people experience isolation or depression. There are many options out there for helping you hear again, such as these hearing tests.

Experiencing Sudden Hearing Loss

While experiencing sudden hearing loss can feel overwhelming, you shouldn’t have to suffer, make an appointment with your doctor today and see your many treatment options. Would you like to learn more about different health conditions and what to do about them? Check out our other articles.

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