We’re living in a time where everyone could use a side hustle. If you want an easy way to earn money, consider getting into affiliate marketing.

When you participate in affiliate marketing, a company essentially pays you to promote their products. Many people practice affiliate marketing by reviewing and posting products on social media or websites.

Amazon affiliate marketing is one of the most popular forms of affiliate marketing on the web. They have a never-ending supply of products, so you can easily find something that fits your style.

Want to know the best ways to succeed in Amazon affiliate marketing? Here are our 4 must-follow tips.

1. Use Great Images

Whether you want to know how to make money on Facebook with affiliate marketing or master affiliate marketing on Amazon, there’s one thing that matters in affiliate marketing across all platforms: imagery.

Only choose products that have clear, high-res images associated with them.

Don’t try to sell a product if you can’t find good pictures of it to put on your website or social media. Looks are everything in affiliate marketing, and posting something that’s too pixelated or in bad lighting can hurt clicks and sales.

2. Find a Focus

When you’re first starting out in affiliate marketing it’s tempting to feature as many different products as possible. It may seem like a good idea, but you may be casting too wide of a net to find interested buyers.

Someone that’s shopping for women’s dress shoes most likely won’t be shopping for camping equipment and cookware at the same time. If you want to get link clicks feature products that compliment each other.

Add links to women’s jewelry and dresses when you mention shoes. If you’re advertising high-end pans consider adding in a link to an air fryer or something else related to cooking.

3. List Products at the End

Don’t make the mistake of simply mentioning products once in your post. Allow people to see products again after they’ve read through all your content.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to end your long-form review posts with a product comparison chart. This allows you to list every product you’ve mentioned and it gives people an easy way to decide what to buy.

4. Check-Out Amazon’s Best-Sellers

If you’re having trouble deciding what products to start marketing, take a look at Amazon’s top-selling products. Once you have an idea of what their best-sellers are you can start adding some of the more popular products to your website.

Some people like to find slightly less popular and less expensive versions of best-selling products to advertise. Other people like to do re-occurring monthly “best-seller” round-ups of products in their own niche to build trust with visitors.

Master Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon affiliate marketing is relatively simple once you know what you’re doing. Taking the time to establish a niche, research best selling products, and giving people multiple opportunities to view and buy products is an easy way to get yourself established.

Affiliate marketing is only one helpful way you can start making money on the side. We have a lot of helpful content for budding entrepreneurs on our site. Be sure to browse the rest of our business content so you can get ideas for your next big venture.

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