The news is in: pajamas are no longer just for bedtime!

Despite the implication that nightwear is simply for the privacy of one’s home, pajamas have recently made their way from the bedroom to the catwalk. Now, brands like Eberjey offer some of the most stylish pajama sets on the market.

Compared to a pair of firm jeans, oversized shirts and comfortable pajamas are markers of extreme comfort. And there may be days when peeling off your pajamas and putting on everyday clothes can feel like an impossible task.

If you’re ready to embrace the truly stylish nature of pajamas, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 5 stylish ways to wear pajamas the next time you leave your home.

1. Use A Slip To Dress Up

daytime pajama outfit

If you’re looking to create luxurious fashion using pajamas, we’d recommend opting to wear a slip. They’re typically worn as dresses to create a more intimate fashion look.

At first, you may assume that this body-hugging, slinky nightie should only be worn to the most elegant events. Yet with such an effortless silhouette, it can be styled in many ways for multiple occasions making it one of the most versatile pajama pieces to own.

These nighties are not only stylish but can also limit the distance between sleeping and working, and comfort and tradition. If you want to keep things casual, you should consider layering a slip over a plain white shirt.

Why would you bother getting dressed if your nighttime fashion could look so good?

2. Pajama Top As A Button-Up

You may never have considered this as a possibility, but a stylish pajama top may work very well as a substitute for a button-up shirt! Not only does it create a more polished look for an outfit but it also lends itself to a generally effortless style.

It has a notched collar that looks extremely formal yet is also great for keeping you warm and comfortable. You can pair just about any color combination of pajama button-up and bottoms together yet we’d strongly recommend sticking to natural tones for a more sophisticated look.

If you own an oversized polo shirt, throw it on and pair it with your favorite comfortable footwear. It works well with sneakers, sandals, boots, or heels — the outfit truly isn’t all that picky!

3. A Pajama Top and Denim Bottoms

daytime pajama outfit

If you’re someone who prefers a more casual outfit for your everyday life then this may be exactly the type of outfit that you’re looking for.

Wearing a pajama top, a button-up, or a pullover (it’s your choice) paired with some well-fitting denim jeans, a denim skirt, or denim shorts will look effortlessly casual yet also exceptionally stylish all at once.

You’ve probably seen this look quite a few times over the years and noticed how many people are starting to get creative with the look. You can stick to something casual and opt for a black or white top with your denim or choose a more creative and bold design.

4. Add A Blazer or Kimono

If you’d like to keep things as basic as possible, statement outerwear may be more up your alley. This may involve wearing your favorite kimono pajama shrug as an add-on over your favorite mismatched pajama sets.

More formal outerwear such as a blazer might prove to be a true fashion saver in many situations. Adding an oversized blazer and a simple accessory to a full pajama set or a pajama shirt and denim combo can easily dress up just about any outfit!

For some extra boldness and style, you can add a leather belt around your middle to achieve a boho look.

5. Head to Toe Pajama Look

Pajama Pants

If you’re ready to fully embrace the stylish nature of pajamas, we’d recommend taking the look from head to toe!

A well-designed matching set can work to make a true style statement, provided it isn’t too garish. Try to avoid anything that looks too much like something you’d wear to a sleepover.

We’d recommend opting for stripes, silks, and solids with a classic button-up style if you want to adopt this stylish way to wear pajamas. Not only will this give the appearance of a more tailored look but it’s also still extremely fun!


Pajamas are no longer just for wear at nighttime. Whether you choose to use an oversized shirt as a statement piece in your outfit or wear head-to-toe pajamas out and about, dressing up your style with pajamas is easier than you might think!

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