Due to the pandemic, millions of people all around the world ought to study and work from home. This might have pros such as the possibility to avoid any disturbance. Thus, you finally can start studying all of those subjects and topics postponed previously. Now is the time!

However, there are some considerable issues that you might face due to the less active (or inactive at all!) lifestyle most of the students have been forced to decide upon. Thus, here find some useful and proved tips on how to arrange your daily studying routine and keep healthy.

Organize Your Daily Routine

Usually, all of our duties and daily studying activities predestinate the working or studying flow. So you can control (at least a little bit) your sleeping routine. But while staying home all the time, it might be even impossible to sleep well. You might constantly be oversleeping or lack of sleep. That is horrible!

It is important to work on your regime or, in other words, daily schedule. Now, when most of the students study remotely and have no such need to go anywhere out of their dorms or apartments, some can’t discipline themselves. As such, they are not able to finish any task and struggle emotionally and physically. That is why you need a regime of a day!

Try your best and go through in detail all the duties you have and define a concrete day, or part of the day, to take on the tasks. When having your day thoroughly planned, you’ll see that there will be no need to struggle with the deadlines and thus, you’ll spend more time on having a rest, doing house chores, watching favorable films, etc.

Physical Exercises and Sport

Doing exercises is a core aspect of your physical and mental health. No matter how busy you are, how stuffed your schedule, and how much homework you have, doing exercises is something that you need daily. It helps to keep trim, release endorphins, and enhances the overall mood and physical form. Here below find the 30 – 40 minutes work out program for you to exercise:

  • Warm-up

Never exercise without a warm-up. Many students underestimate its importance, but should not! Mind that if not done 2-5 minutes warm-up, you can harm yourself!

  • Lunges

Lunges are one of the most important exercises if you want to work on your legs and glutes. Not only that – when doing lungs, you work on your balance and keep fit the whole body. Thus, do 15 lungs for each leg, and you’ll see the results in 2 weeks.

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  • Push-ups

Push-ups are some of the most common and regular physical exercises for you to do, yet very helpful. Do 20 – 25 push-ups to work on your hand muscles and abs.

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  • Squats

To increase core strength, flexibility and hips, do 3 sets of 15 – 20 squats. Moreover, mind that due to the fact this exercise enlarges some of the biggest body muscles, you’ll burn more calories compared to other exercises when training.

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  • Plank

Many students underestimate planks; however, these are some of the most important exercises to train many muscles groups at the same time. You should start from 1 – 1.30 minutes and try to enlarge the time when exercising.

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  • Stretching

Stretching at the end is as important as a warm-up at the beginning of the exercises. Thus, never forget to finish the physical routine with 3 – 5 exercises 1 – 2 minutes each to keep your muscles strong, healthy and flexible. Mind that without this, the muscles would become tight and shorten.

With all of these exercises, you’ll finish any home task quickly and will not even need statistics homework help, or any other assistance. Remember, there is always a ‘healthy mind in a healthy body’.

Work on Your Diet

To study and remain healthy, you need to take control of your daily eating routine. Many students complain that, when studying and working from home, eat a lot of junk food. Thus, to be healthy, it is not enough to sleep well and regularly exercise – you also need to control your nourishment habits. Avoid ordering junk food and start cooking simple yet healthy dishes by yourself.

It becomes more and more difficult for many students to study from home and remain healthy. However, you should not give up – use all the pieces of advice mentioned above and take your studying process and life under your control!

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