It’s been a tough couple of years all over the world. At no time in recent history have so many people had to deal with so much stress? Here is to hoping that the turning of the calendar to 2022 will bring some healthy habits about something to soothe the masses.

For your own benefit, you need to start thinking about ways you can relieve and control your stress levels. With political unrest, inflation rising, supply shortages, and issues with illegal immigration and the U.S. school system, there is a lot going on that is going to affect the lives of pretty much everyone.

As you navigate these issues and your personal problems going into the new year, there are some things you can do to better manage your health, which could result in less stress in your life.

Here Are Seven Healthy Habits for Stress-Free Start

If nothing else, adopting the following seven healthy habits will keep health issues from adding to the other stressors you might encounter.

1. Get Outdoors

outdoor adventure

Unless you work outdoors, there is a good chance you are not getting outside as much as you should. The fact is you need fresh air and exposure to the sun. You need to be out and about so you can interact with other people. You need time away from the walls you stare at when at home, work, or school.

You would be amazed a how much stress you can eliminate by just being a part of the outside world. The hustle and the bustle of people enjoying everyday life is a resource for distracting you from your problems and the stress it causes. If you can’t get an hour outdoors, just a few minutes can make a difference. Make this a priority.

2. Improve Your Sleep Habits

When you are lacking sleep, it affects every part of your mind and body. It can leave you feeling sluggish, which will eventually add to your stress levels as you find it more difficult to navigate your way through a day.

Sleeping is how we humans recharge our batteries after a busy stressful day. Whether you have a memory foam mattress or a blow-up air mattress, a good night’s sleep improves our health and gives us another tank of gas to handle the things we need to handle when we awake the next morning. When we have the energy to efficiently and effectively handle our responsibilities and enjoy life, it leaves a lot less room for stress in our lives.

3. Find the Joys in Your Life

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” When you hear these old corny sayings, you probably shake your head. Don’t. There are nuggets of wisdom in statements or quotes like this.

The fact is you need time to enjoy yourself. It’s incumbent on you to figure out what makes you laugh, smile, and feel good about yourself. Whether it’s a hobby or traveling, or just being around the best people in your life, you owe it to yourself to create enjoyment in your life. When you treat yourself to more joy, the things that might stress you will start to seem less significant.

4. Eat Healthy

Reset Your Body

Nutrition is so vital to your physical and mental health. Beyond giving your body fuel to keep you going, eating healthy foods will ensure your organs work well and your body feels good. It’s really hard to feel the effects of stress when you feel healthy and strong.

By the way, eating right means eating some things and not eating other things. If you were to accept just one word of nutritional advice, don’t eat processed foods and refined sugars.

5. Cup of Tea Anyone?

Japan is collectively one of the healthiest and happiest countries in the world. They also consume a lot of tea, especially green tea. What tea offers is herbs that are known for their medicinal value and the ability to relax nerves and have a calming effect. A cup or two of tea a day can help make it easier to handle the stressors in your life.

6. Put Ginger in Your Diet

Surprisingly, ancient Asian cultures have been using ginger as a homeopathic stress reliever for decades. There are certain vitamins and nutrients in ginger that have a positive effect on the brain and central nervous system. It can also improve your heart health and help you ward off chronic diseases.

7. Stretch Your Body

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Stress and tension can cause your muscles to tense up. Eventually, that could lead to headaches. When your muscles tense up, it restricts the flow of healthy blood through your body. Stretching and a short exercise regimen can do wonders to prevent your muscles from tensing up. That in turn will lead to less stress and help you prevent yourself from falling victim to high blood pressure issues.

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