In 2020, we’re trying to get the most bang for our buck! Below, we’ve put together a list of mobile carriers who are now offering free TV streaming services for customers, because why wouldn’t we all take advantage of a deal like that? Whether you’re a Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon user/abuser, we’ve got you covered on where you can go to get free TV packages with your cell phone service.

PS. Something to note: these deals are only available to customers who sign up for unlimited phone plans with their carrier.

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Sprint & Hulu

Even though Sprint recently merged with T-Mobile, Sprint customers who subscribe to any high-tier unlimited plan, including Unlimited Basic, Unlimited Plus, and Unlimited Premium, can still enjoy a Hulu subscription for free. This deal can save you over $70 a year, and you get to watch all the Hulu shows you love like The Handmaid’s Tale, Fyre Fraud, Future Man, and so much more.

Metro by T-Mobile & Amazon Prime

Even Metro by T-Mobile, a prepaid service that makes it easy for you to cancel or reinstate your service at any time, has some awesome perks, including a free subscription to Amazon Prime Video when you sign up for the $60 Unlimited Plan. This stellar deal even gives you access to the rest of Amazon Prime’s perks, like free shipping, an extensive collection of audiobooks and e-books, Prime Wardrobe that allows you to try on clothing items before you buy them, and even more. Plus, you can watch all of the Amazon Prime originals that will keep you up until dawn, including Sneaky Pete, Marvelous Ms. Maisel, and Hunters.


Since AT&T owns Time Warner, they technically also own HBO which allows them to give customers who sign up for the Unlimited Elite Plan free access to an HBO subscription. This phone plan costs $85/month for unlimited data plan and no contract, and then you can experience the shows you love from HBO like Sex and the City, The Sopranos, Watchmen, Search Party, Game of Thrones, Westworld, and more.

T-Mobile & Netflix

If you have two lines on your T-Mobile plan and subscribe to either Magenta or Magenta Plus, you can save yourself nearly $10 a month by taking advantage of a free Netflix subscription. These unlimited plans don’t require any contract and their prices start at $70/mo for two lines, making it a great entertainment deal when paired with Netflix. Don’t miss out anymore! Sign up and begin watching your favorite Netflix originals like Stranger Things, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Ozark, Narcos, and more.

Verizon & Disney+

Who doesn’t love the magic and wonder of Disney+? With Verizon, you can get a full year of Disney+ for absolutely free when you sign up for an unlimited phone plan. Unlimited phone plans start at just $35/mo per line for the basic plan which gets you unlimited talk, text, and data with no overage charges to ever worry about again. Nothing could be better than reliable, uncapped service from Verizon plus the ability to watch your favorite Disney+ plus shows for a whole year like Pixar animations, the Star Wars franchise, classic Disney titles like Beauty and the Beast, and so much more.

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