Favorite cat is not only happiness but also some inconvenience. Almost all owners face some troubles, especially at the beginning. It often seems to many that only their cat has problems, but this is not so.

Many people also have a problem with cats that is awkward to talk about. But we will tell you what to do if the cat pees past its tray. First, you should find the reason, so it is easier to solve it.

Wrong tray and unpleasant filler

Yet the most common reason that many owners do not have a hunch about is the inconvenient tray. People believe that the animal will go to any toilet that will be offered. But this is not so. The cat may feel uncomfortable due to extra high or low sides, small area, unpleasant surface. It’s hard to recognize what the animal didn’t like, but if it understands where the tray is, but stubbornly doesn’t want to go there, it’s worth changing the cat’s toilet. It also sometimes helps to purchase a second tray, as some cats like to relieve themselves in different toilets.

It also happens that a cat has nothing against the tray itself, but she does not like the filler. It can be irritated by the smell or texture of the filling. In this case, the problem can be solved by simply acquiring another filler.

The last reason cats don’t want to go to their tray is dirt. It seems to some owners that they have every right to change and clean the cat’s toilet when they have a free minute. And this is true, but then you need to give the cat complete freedom of action and meekly remove the puddles behind them. And if you do not want to create unnecessary problems, you should accustom yourself to change the filler in time, and thoroughly wash the tray.

The animal is sick

Sometimes cats begin to shit where it is not necessary only in those cases when they feel bad. Therefore, if always an obedient pet suddenly started to spoil the carpet – do not scold it. First, according to thepets.net it is better to take it to the vet and make sure that the animal is healthy, and only after that take measures.

Stop Your Cat From Pooping on the Floor-2

Resentment and protest

Cats are unique creatures, moody, and emotional. They know how to be offended no worse than people. Therefore, the habit of spoiling throughout the apartment can be elementary revenge. In this case, you need to think about what could offend your beloved pet and try to solve it somehow.

Reflex behavior

In some cases, cats poop in the wrong place at all, not specifically. Just something looks or smells like a toilet. The animal lends itself to associative reflexes and cannot cope with this.

How to wean cats to poop all over the house

Once the cause of the cat’s abnormal behavior has been established, you can begin to wean the animal from its bad habit. You may use different methods, which are selected depending on where the cat poops and what provokes it.

If the owner noticed that the cat settled in the wrong place, you do not need to shout at it. Instead, carry the animal to the tray, and after it has done the need, praise it and give it a tasty treat.

Some pet psychologists advise using animal reflexes of submission to the leader. To do this, you need to take the cat, who was going to poop and look into his eyes, making sounds similar to growls. If the animal lowers its gaze, it means that it recognized the leader as a master, and will obey him implicitly. Accordingly, after this, the cat will not violate the order of its owner and will only go to the equipped toilet. Of course, this method may seem strange and even funny, but it can work.

Besides, it is recommended to do the following:

  • wash all areas where the animal was in excellent condition with disinfectants;
  • spray a citrus spray in the dirty corners;
  • put food in the corner where the cat is used to spoil;
  • arrange the trays in those places where the cat likes to relieve itself (when the animal selects one tray, the rest can be removed).

What to do if the cat poops in bed

Cats that poop on the floor – this is not so bad compared to pets that turn into a toilet your bed. In such cases, cat owners are faced with severe problems because the smell of urine is tough to remove, so in many cases, bedding has to be thrown away.

In this situation, you can use one of the worst enemies of cats – water. Due to their great dislike of fluids, cats remember the lesson very well. Therefore, if the animal is about to relieve the need for a bed, it must be sprayed from the spray gun. Usually, a couple of lessons is enough for cats to understand – to do so is strictly prohibited.

How to wean a pet to poop at a carpet

Carpets, like bedding, are challenging to clean and get rid of bad smell. Therefore, you need to solve this problem urgently. To do this, the surface is well disinfected with detergents, and then again wiped with water in which the essential oil is diluted. Cats do not like such strong and pungent smells, so they lose the desire to relieve where it smells so bad.

Stop Your Cat From Pooping on the Floor

What to do when cats relieve at flowers

Since there is ammonia in cat urine, one or two trips into the pot are enough to make the flower wither. To save the apartment fauna, you must:

  • put the zest of lemon or a few slices of chopped garlic in pots;
  • place small sticks around the edge of the pot – they will make a low fence, which will prevent the animal from comfortably sitting on the ground;
  • to cover the windowsill with double-sided tape.

A few more ways tips

The next option may seem a little cruel, but in some cases, it is the only correct one. For the animal to stop relieving itself wherever it wants, the cat may be closed in one room for two to three days. A tray is also left there. The main task of the owner is to show affection and love, but not to let the pet out of the room. Of course, cats will ask outside, but you can’t give slack here. Instead, it is necessary to encourage the pet with delicious food and loving words, if he did go down to the tray, and also explain to him why such measures were taken. Cats are very intelligent creatures, so they are quite able to understand what the owner wants from them and start using the tray for its intended purpose.

You can also rub all the places where the cat likes to poop, with a solution of vinegar or fresh onions. True, there is one drawback – a pungent smell will irritate not only the animal but also the owners themselves.

Cats are very characteristic animals, and if they are scolded for misconduct, the result will remain zero, or the situation will worsen because they will avenge the pain caused. Therefore, we recommend that all owners who are faced with such troubles do not try to resolve the issue by force, but have patience and try all the methods outlined in the article. Some of them will certainly help to deal with the problem.

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