With more than 12 million car accidents occurring in the U.S. every year, no location’s truly risk-free for drivers. However, Florida is regularly ranked as one of the most dangerous states for drivers, which is why it’s important to take extra care when you’re behind the wheel.

Last year alone, 24,000 vehicle accidents were recorded in Hillsborough County, with a significant number occurring in Tampa itself. If you’ve been unlucky enough to be involved in a collision, make sure you take these steps after a car accident:

Things To Do After A Car Accident

1. Access Medical Help

Medical Care

Everyone should access medical assistance after a collision but the type of help you need will depend on the severity of your injuries. If you or anyone else requires urgent assistance, for example, you’ll need to request that EMTs are dispatched to your location via a 911 call. However, if your injuries are less serious, you may be able to make your own way to the Emergency Room.

2. Report The Collision To The Tampa Police Department

Prove You Weren’t at Fault

Florida law requires that virtually all traffic accidents are reported to the police. If anyone has sustained injuries due to a collision, a hit and run occur, or if the crash has caused property damage in excess of $500, you’ll need to call 911 so that police officers can submit a report. However, these aren’t the only types of incidents that need to be reported to police urgently, so make sure you check whether or not you need to contact the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office following a car accident in Tampa.

3. Recover The Vehicle

Car Accidents

If you’ve been involved in a relatively minor collision and you aren’t seriously injured, you may be able to move your vehicle to a safe location. However, be sure to take photographs of the scene of the car accident before any vehicles are transported.

When more serious accidents happen, it may be necessary to access professional assistance so that the vehicles can be safely moved. A tow truck may need to move your vehicle or transport it to a garage so that repairs can be undertaken, for example.

Lawyer for Auto Accidents

Under Florida’s no-fault car insurance rules, your options after a car accident may be limited. However, if someone else on the road was partly responsible for the collision, you may be able to take legal action against them. When you get help from a car accident lawyer in Tampa, your attorney can determine whether you’re eligible to make a claim and, if so, assess how much compensation you’re likely to obtain.

In addition to this, getting legal advice after a Tampa car accident will help to protect your liability. If someone wrongly accuses you of causing the incident, for example, your legal team will be able to help you disprove the claims.

Recovering From A Car Accident In Tampa, FL

Getting medical assistance swiftly can give you the best chance of making a full recovery after a road traffic accident in Tampa, FL. Even so, it can take time to overcome the shock and trauma that’s associated with this type of incident. Before you get back behind the wheel, make sure that you’re fully recovered from your injuries and that you feel confident to be on the road once again.

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