With today’s economic uncertainty, it makes sense to have a side hustle. If you lose your full-time job, some extra income can help you make ends meet until the next opportunity arrives.

If you’re constantly traveling, have a military spouse, or want something to do that won’t take up all your free time, starting a dropshipping business is often a better solution than MLM or other contracting business opportunities.

When you start dropshipping, you’re listing products for sale on a website under your control. A third-party provider manufactures and holds the items. When a customer places an order, they’ll ship the product to the consumer directly without you needing to do the work.

That means you can add inventory without worrying about stocking, production, or fulfillment.

How To Launch A Dropshipping Business Successfully

Building a Successful Small Business Online Store

A dropshipping business must have a niche, focused approach to have a chance for success. When you’re selling items that you’re passionate about, it’s much easier to communicate the value of each product to potential customers.

If you choose a niche with higher-priced products, you’ll often find a more considerable profit margin available.

Once you’ve created this foundation, you can follow these additional steps to launch your dropshipping business in 2022.

1. Find a Product that is cheap to ship.

High shipping costs serve as a deterrent for most customers. If you want to give your new dropshipping business a fast start, look for items that are relatively inexpensive to send through a delivery service. This step gives you the option of absorbing the costs to offer a free shipping experience that can attract additional sales.

2. Perform research on the competition.

Start by Identifying Your Business's Unique Brand

Is dropshipping worth it? You can answer that question for each niche by researching the competition. Most new providers only compare themselves to other dropshippers during this step. Still, you should also review what is available through Amazon, Walmart, Target, and other major retailers or e-commerce platforms.

If you select an item with almost zero competition on any platform, that’s a sign there isn’t much demand for it.

3. Partner with the right supplier.

Instead of choosing the first supplier that offers the products you want to sell, perform your due diligence. Don’t rush this step! Most companies tend to be overseas, which means communication and manufacturing must be extensively researched. If you’re not 100% confident with both from what you see, move on, and keep searching.

4. Build a high-quality website.

The easiest way to launch a website that supports your dropshipping activities is to use a simplified platform that provides complete access to the e-commerce tools you need. Several options are available today where you won’t need a programming or tech background to get the site running.

When you build the website, use plug-and-play options to save time and money. It helps to look for solutions that come with several apps for better customization. After you start getting some revenue coming consistently, you can look at bringing in a web design expert to suggest additional enhancements.

5. Work from a customer acquisition plan.

You can have a beautiful website and a fantastic product, but that isn’t enough to start seeing transactions occur. You need customers who are attracted to what you offer. One of the easiest ways to launch an awareness campaign of your dropshipping business is to work with an online advertising provider, such as Facebook Ads.

It would help if you also thought about long-term customer acquisition. Although search engine optimization (SEO) helps, repetitive business comes from a pleasant shopping experience. You’ll want to work with all your partners to ensure a smooth transaction happens each time.

6. Create a differentiation point.


When you have several products listed with your online store from multiple suppliers, the shipping process becomes quickly disjointed. Your customers might receive various shipments, increased shipping costs, and unwanted packaging. It gets confusing because it seems like everything comes from the same brand, but each product might have a different return address.

You need a differentiation point that separates you from everyone else while staying consistent with your inventory. Try to stick with one trusted supplier as much as possible while having others available as a backup.

One Final Step To Consider For A Dropshipping Business

It is challenging to differentiate your website from all the others that compete for customers with the products you sell. You’ll discover that most dropshippers try to compete on price first because that action captures a consumer’s attention quickly.

If you’re not careful, you’ll find that lots of inventory can get sold at a low price without making a profit. Some dropshippers end up losing money with this strategy!

That’s why launching a dropshipping business in 2022 should be treated like any other venture. After you get through the initial investment, you’ll find that this opportunity can be a fantastic way to make some money.

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