Cartoners have significantly transformed production and manufacturing activities around the world. Cartoner machines have made it easier for numerous businesses to swift their productivity levels to maintain the high market demands for their merchandise.

Today, cartoners have become a significant aspect of businesses to enhance productivity and growth. The right packaging machine helps eliminate time wastage and aids in providing optimized production.

Since the use of such high-performance cartooning machines elevates production procedures, it allows companies to amplify their operations.

Five Basic Steps To Consider When Buying Cartoners

Even though there are countless benefits of utilizing automatic cartoning machines, depending on the machinery that does not match your goals and production processes is a complete waste of time, costs, and investments.

Therefore, to help select the best equipment for your business, look for these five steps before buying.


Budgeting & Planning

Forming a budget is an essential step to consider, and it determines what your business can afford at the moment. Plus, budgeting allows you to look out for your present operational costs and objectives for future returns on investment.

After properly looking at your company budgets, you’ll be in a great position to know how much you can spend on a cartoner. Without budgets, you risk putting your business through financial constraints.

Analyze The Speed Requirement

Analyzing the speed is one of the most challenging parts for many buyers. Most businesses, without researching, ask the suppliers for packaging machines according to their budget. They don’t realize that speed is one of the critical factors that matters when it comes to optimizing operations.

For instance, when considering online packaging procedures, analyze your preferred speed by calculating the maximum rate required to form a particular product and decide by the total number of units for each carton.

Whereas for offline packaging, compute the total number of cartons per minute by daily, weekly, or monthly box allotments. Here you can also calculate if there is an increase in products in the future.

However, it is best to be careful and not overestimate, which may result in more extensive and costly equipment.

Consider The Product As A Determining Factor

cartoner machine

The type of cartoning equipment your business requires for optimal production depends on your product.

For instance, products in powder forms or granular forms, such as detergents or cereals, need vertical-style cartoning machines. On the other hand, products such as coffee work best with end-load cartoning equipment, whereas ready-to-eat meals are packaged perfectly with wraparound machines.

Establish Your Businesses Capabilities And Requirements

Before selecting any packaging machine, it is ideal to consider your staff’s technical knowledge and expertise.

For instance, it is best to consider machines that do not interfere with your technical staff’s expertise and competency if you are willing to invest in hiring a highly competent and professional technical team. Some highly specialized machines can reduce your business’s productivity if your staff isn’t trained to use them.

Research Your Machine Choices


Once you analyze and go through the previous steps, you must be able to jot down your preferred machinery choices. Here it is essential to research on the internet and increase your knowledge as much as possible.

You can look up trade shows or industry networks to increase your knowledge about the equipment you want to invest in before splurging the cash. Not all cartoning equipment is the right fit for your business so consider doing adequate research.

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