Attracting quality talent in today’s candidate-driven job market can be daunting. Especially if your team is using outdated practices. Creating an effective recruitment marketing approach is now easier than ever.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

In contrast to recruiting, which involves posting your job to career sites to attract talent to a specific job, recruitment marketing involves using a variety of strategies to increase visibility to attract top-quality talent to your organization.

By employing a variety of marketing strategies to increase visibility, recruitment marketing allows you to promote your organization while casting the widest net. In order to do this, companies must take advantage of every online marketing strategy available.

Here are the top 6 strategies your company can use to help recruit and retain top talent to your organization.

1-Establish An Effective Recruitment Marketing Team

Establish An Effective Recruitment Marketing Team

Some organizations have in-house talent acquisition teams while others need to be creative in using the talents of existing employees to create a recruitment team. Look for people who have experience in social media advertising, are creative writing geniuses, or are familiar with sourcing. Delegate tasks according to each person’s talents.

If you don’t have folks like this at your disposal, look into hiring a recruitment marketing firm to do the work for you. Such a company can assist your company from start to finish, providing everything from helping you build your brand and creating your website to increasing visibility and post-hiring follow-up.

2-Build Your Brand

Your brand is the face of your company and you’ll want to stand out among competitors. Before you build your brand, though, you’ll need to establish your company culture and values and know your target audience.

Today’s market is candidate-led so crafting your brand to appeal to a specific group of talent not only helps you attract desirable candidates but also helps people decide if their values and goals align with yours. Once you narrow these details down, you can create your company website and career page.

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3-Optimize Your Web Content

Create a user-friendly platform for posting jobs. Nobody wants to spend hours applying for a job on your website so make sure your application platform is easy to navigate. If your online application process is too time-consuming, you might miss out on top candidates.

Along with making sure your website is user-friending you’ll want to make sure you’re maximizing its visibility. Register your web domain with job search platforms and invest in SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click) services. Using these tools will improve your site’s visibility because the more users click certain keywords, the higher up they are listed on search engines like Google.

4-Utilize A Variety Of Marketing Platforms To Maximize Visibility

Email, social media, live chat, and videos are some of the most highly utilized marketing platforms used by employers. Take the time to tailor these components to cast the widest net over the most relevant talent pool. Tap into mobile recruiting, too. Make sure your company website has a mobile-friendly interface so you can maximize all those hours potential candidates are spending on their phones.

You’ll also want to take advantage of virtual recruiting. You can host virtual meet-n-greets with key players, host virtual career fairs, or even create online scavenger hunts to draw talent to your organization.

5-Host In-Person Recruitment Events

While most of your marketing will be done using online tools, using a good old-fashioned job fair is still a good strategy. Depending on your talent pool, you can host more intimate events like an open house or you can plan a career fair at your local college campus. When it comes to advertising for recruitment events, don’t forget to use all the other recruitment marketing methods like social media, emails, or promotional ads on tv.

6-Analytics, Analytics, Analytics

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No matter what strategies you employ as part of your recruitment marketing campaign, you must have metrics in place to determine if your efforts are generating a steady return. Many of these strategies cost money but when the ROI is qualified talent, you save money in the long run. Knowing what strategies are creating the most visibility is important to your bottom dollar and ultimately helps your company minimize turnover because you’ll have data that shows your information is reaching candidates who are invested in your brand.

There are lots of ways to recruit and retain quality talent but in today’s job climate, you need the odds in your favor. Using these strategies will help you maximize visibility which ultimately helps you maximize output for your business.

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