One of the most popular ways to meet people today is through chatlines. To make sure that you stay safe when chatting, here are some tips to guide you:

Your Gut Feelings

Trust your instincts always. If something does not feel right to you, trust that gut feeling. If a person asks too many questions or asks things that you are not comfortable with, you need to tell them.

If a person asks for your contact details immediately or wants to meet before you have actually decided whether or not you even like them, that could be a red flag. If you are not comfortable with that, you should not meet them. Speaking on free chatlines, or on the phone are very different to meeting in person, and you should always be careful.

You can tell them that you would first like to know them a bit better. If they agree, then they are probably a bit keen, but if they become upset or aggressive, you will know that you have made the right choice.

Be wary of sending out personal information. If you are just getting to know a person, you might sometimes find yourself talking about things that you typically wouldn’t talk about with friends. You should be ware of the personal information or details you are telling a person that you know little about.

It might sound obvious, but you must never share card numbers, bank details, ID or passport details with anybody and be aware that if they are asking for your mother’s maiden name, your family history or even the name of your first pet, they are probably fraudsters looking to use such information against you.

Asking For Money

If the person either asks for money or wants to buy something from you, chances are they aren’t genuine and simply want something from you, particularly if you have never met them before.

It might sound too obvious, but it is never advisable to send money to anyone. You can easily get caught up in the moment and start feeling like you trust a person and actually have a connection with them, but you should always be cautious whenever someone has an unusual request.

Meeting In Person

Avoid dragging out how long you talk before actually meeting physically.

It is only possible to get to know a person so much over the phone. When you are comfortable talking to them, arrange to meet publicly and let others know where you are going.

Always remember that you are not obligated to meet them, irrespective of the length of time that you have been chatting. If you suspect they might be putting you under any pressure to do that, it can be a good idea to simply move on.

Fraudsters are unlikely to meet up with you in real life, which means that a physical meeting is an excellent way to discover whether there’s a spark between you and you would like to continue getting to know them.

If you arrange to meet the person, ensure that you always meet in a busy, public place and never accept lifts. You don’t need to put yourself at any risk.

You can decline politely when your date offers to pick you up. If he/she is a genuine person, they will understand your reasons. Never tell your address to a person you have met recently and don’t know very well.

Avoid drinking too much on a date, especially if it is the first one. Drinking tends to lower your inhibitions and impairs judgment too. You must always be on full alert when you meet somebody for the first time and would like to set a good first impression too.

Never fear leaving if you are uncomfortable. You don’t owe your date anything and your safety comes before everything else.Avoid taking your date back to your place or accepting an invitation back to their place. You should first get to know them and establish trust before you are alone with them or before you allow them into your home.

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