Furniture and furnishings store sales in the U.S. sit at a whopping $113.78 billion. This industry is booming! With all the money going into chairs, couches, materials, trends, and designs, the furniture market is alwaysadapting, evolving, and changing to suit our interests.

Because of that, furniture styles stay in flux. Some designs are timeless, while others are meant for brief statements. 

Keeping up with the latest furniture trends can add excitement to your life. There’s nothing like sipping some wine on your new oxblood, velvet couch or answering emails in your ergonomic, art deco desk chair.

So let’s see what’s standing out right now. What styles should you consider adding to your home’s look? 

1. One-of-a-Kind Pieces

We’re talking something you can’t buy at your neighborhood Ikea or online at Amazon. While those places have their strengths, antique pieces have their story and exclusivity. 

Nothing beats a funky chair with embellished armrests or a couch with an olive-colored hue — and that old book smell to match.

2. Consider Curves

Sleek, curving lines, weaving in and out of your home, bring a sense of fluidity to your space. Whether you’ve got a half-circle chair, a shapely couch with a curved back, or a circular table — these will round out the edges that tend to appear in your home design.

This concept has been popular since the infamous tulip table. Head to to see why it made such a ripple in the industry.

3. A Pop of Color

Forget the colors of your grandmother’s past.

It’s time to reinvent your home design with pops of color. Think blushing pinks, rusty oranges, or moss greens. A bright yellow end table here and a smokey red bookshelf there can transform your living space. 

4. A Haven of a Bed

Your bed is where you rejuvenate yourself after a long, hard day. It’s where you get your sleep, reset, and awaken fresh and relaxed. So why not make it a haven?

Having an adorable, cozy bed will only make you want to crawl in that much more.

Think upholstered beds, something that invokes those couch-potato good vibes. Or colorful, fun-shaped headboards.

5. Reclaimed Wood Pieces

Reclaimed wood pieces (bonus if they’re homemade or locally-sourced!) make great statements around the home. They’re utilitarian, multi-functional, and durable. On top of that, they look great, adding a sturdy, natural feel to any modern design.

If you’re not ready to commit to something large, like a bookcase, then consider a stool, a small coffee table, or an end table.

Upgrade Your Space with the Latest Furniture Styles

Just like the fashion industry — or any industry — there will always be many players. With all these designers, visions, and cultures come never-ending new trends and ideas. It’s a statement on the times, history, and fashion. 

What statement will you make?

Furniture styles are as varied as us. Let your furniture be an expression of you.

Nothing will make your new additions look as great as a clean, clutter-free home. Here’s a step-by-step guide to de-cluttering your life!

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