Well actually, [the ultrasound bill] passed in the House and the Senate, unfortunately it was vetoed by then-governor Crist. … This year, we’re moving forward. You know, we feel very strongly that this is an issue of great importance in the state of Florida. There will be a bill. There will be various pro-life legislation, different bills proposed this year, but one of them is certainly going to be the bill requiring an ultrasound prior to a woman having an abortion. Most abortion clinics have these ultrasound equipment, they just don’t use it, particularly for these first-trimester abortions. So if we can do that, and save one baby’s life, I think it’s something that’s worth it. #


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Planned Parenthood will petition AHCA, feds to remove family planning opt-out from Medicaid reform

Planned Parenthood is scaling a full-fledged attack on a provision in Florida's Medicaid bill that allows providers to opt out of providing family planning services. The organization is sending volunteers to public hearings and petitioning the Agency for Health Care Administration and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to strike out the provision.