Well actually, [the ultrasound bill] passed in the House and the Senate, unfortunately it was vetoed by then-governor Crist. … This year, we’re moving forward. You know, we feel very strongly that this is an issue of great importance in the state of Florida. There will be a bill. There will be various pro-life legislation, different bills proposed this year, but one of them is certainly going to be the bill requiring an ultrasound prior to a woman having an abortion. Most abortion clinics have these ultrasound equipment, they just don’t use it, particularly for these first-trimester abortions. So if we can do that, and save one baby’s life, I think it’s something that’s worth it. #


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Care Net and NARAL reps go head-to-head over allegations of misinformation in crisis pregnancy centers

Care Net, a network of more than 1,100 pregnancy centers across North America, released a statement earlier this week in response to a video posted on YouTube by pro-abortion rights group NARAL New York. NARAL’s video highlights some of the controversies surrounding crisis pregnancy centers around the country. The video advocates a municipal-level push to provide women with information about what services crisis pregnancy centers actually provide. Care Net claims that the video exposes NARAL's national strategy aimed at shutting down these centers and directing women to abortion providers.