In a very long letter laying out the reasons behind his endorsement of Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum in today’s Republican gubernatorial primary, state Rep. Scott Plakon, R-Longwood, criticizes Rick Scott for portraying himself as a political outsider running against “career politician” McCollum.

Plakon even goes so far as to compare Scott’s campaign to President Obama’s 2008 presidential bid, perhaps the ultimate insult in this year’s intense Republican primary:

Rick Scott is running mainly on a platform of “change”. I remember very well a candidate from a couple of years ago who we knew very little about; he achieved a very high office in a short time running on “change”. Some of his strongest supporters are now having severe buyer’s remorse. They are finding out that “change” isn’t always good. It can be very, very bad. With Bill McCollum, we know what we are getting. He has been thoroughly vetted. There will be no surprises. We will get at least a good governor and maybe a great one. Why take the risk again on “change” at such a critical time?

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