Independent congressional candidate Troy Stanley, who is running against Republican incumbent Ander Crenshaw in Florida’s District 4, will be hitting the road in October to drum up publicity for his campaign and to meet potential constituents. From Oct. 5 to Oct. 8, Stanley will cover 250 miles — biking across the district he wishes to represent as part of his “No More Recycled Politicians” bike tour.

From his website:

My route, which stretches from Jacksonville Beach to Tallahassee, Florida, will give me the opportunity to speak with many who have not yet heard my message that we do not have to rely on the same recycled career politicians. We can work together to make congressional term limits a reality. We can safegaurd our individual and economic liberties and we can restore common sense to Washington D.C.

Stanley, who once biked across Japan during his time in the Navy, says that the bike tour will be a chance for him to better connect with those who, like him, have become disillusioned with long-time politicians: “Most politicians do some type of bus tour or caravan. I can’t afford a bus, but I have a bike and I think it’s an even better way to be down on the street with the people. I want to show the people that I care, so I’m planning on putting some sweat into it.” Stanley says the tour will take him from Jacksonville Beach into Fernandina and Macclenny and will eventually end up in Tallahassee.

“We’ll be stopping at various mom-and-pop joints along the way,” says Stanley. “I’m looking forward to seeing who honks the horn and who gives me the thumbs up.”

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