Statistics show that today, over 500 million people use PowerPoint. Six million of these users are teachers. In fact, over 300 million presentations are made every day.

PowerPoint is a program that comes in handy when delivering factual, data-centered information.

While it is commonly used, PowerPoint is complicated. It is easy for your presentation to be meh and boring. When this happens, you may not close as many deals as you hoped to.

Whether you are developing presentations for a meeting with clients or need some for your classes, there a number of PowerPoint design ideas you can use. Check out some examples on .net pdf library.

Here are a few ideas on how to make a PowerPoint presentation impressive.

Learn How to Make a PowerPoint Using a Slide Master

When learning how to do a PowerPoint, you need to save time and have maximum results. With a slide master, there are several creative presentation ideas that will save you time, effort, and save your hard drive space.

Slide master allows you to include animations to all the parts of your creation. It comes with a ready-to-use design. There are certain elements that you can select to appear on all slides.

These elements may include page numbers, footers, and headers. It can also help you make the layout of each page different from the last.

Make Your Style Consistent

When looking at PowerPoint ideas, this is something you need to look at keenly. When you create a unique theme, your presentation will stand out.

A consistent visual style makes it easier for you to present your brand adequately. This means you must keep the font, animation, colors, and the layout consistent.

If each slide has its unique style, the presentation will be unprofessional and messy. The shapes you use on the charts, the text boxes and the graphs should remain the same throughout the presentation.

Keep It Short and Sweet

More is less with presentations. An impactful presentation is one that captures and maintains the attention of the audience.

Therefore make sure you set the scene early and support your main points and then conclude. Make sure you are not spending more than 5 minutes on each slide.

If you can, the entire presentation should never be longer than 30 minutes, meaning the slides should be 6-10.

Keep one idea per slide and limit the information in each slide. Do not read off of the slide. It is never a good idea to put too much information on the slides. You may end up losing your audience.

Have a Call to Action Section

When you do your job right, you leave the audience wanting more. Therefore give them a way forward.

Tell them the action they should take immediately. If necessary, include links, phone numbers, and an email they can get more information from for future use.

Learn How to Make a Powerpoint Presentation as Your Business May Depend It

If you aim to impress and entertain, you have to build excitement and structure to your speech. With these pointers, it will be evident that you not only know how to make a PowerPoint but also how to use it to your advantage.

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