About 82% of real estate agents say that staging a home is an absolute necessity for selling a home. Since this process can make or break your success, you need to take it seriously.

Understanding a bit about what to do and what not to do can help you get your home off the market in about 30 days. We’ve got some staging a home for sale tips that will help you get results. Read on so you can attract buyers and make a profit.

Invest in Some Quality Furniture

how to stage a home to sell

Give people the experience of luxury when they come into the home. That starts with your selection of furniture pieces. Choose some quality wood furniture made from materials like cedar, oak, and cherry wood.

Be particularly mindful about the furniture you use to decorate the master bedroom and living room. Arrange them in a way that invites flow and shows class and sophistication.

Avoid Over Personalizing the Place

Home stagers often get the urge to make the place how they’d like it. The instinct is to include family photos so that others can picture their family living in the home. The end result is actually the opposite.

Seeing pictures of other people’s families, memories, and accomplishments takes the buyer out of the moment and makes it feel like someone else’s phone. Instead, choose some beautiful artwork to decorate the home, and steer clear of anything too personal or specific. You can click here for some home staging examples.

During the staging process, be mindful to also leave your buyers some space to explore in their own time. Buying a home is an emotional purchase, so they’ll need some time to take in the energy.

Don’t Forget About the Exterior

The interior is what most people dream about, but don’t neglect the landscape. Curb appeal is one of the best attributes for selling a home. Take care of the landscape, get the grass cut professionally, and plant some shrubs or flower beds.

Make sure the lawn is lush, green, and inviting, and include some pod lots or torches to create a mood and ambiance. Give the home a fresh coat of paint or hire a pressure washing contractor from Seattle. Your exterior will flourish when you’re staging a home in the spring or summer, so let a professional with a green thumb work their magic to get the most from the lawn.

Deep Clean and Decorate

Learn How To Stage a Home To Sell in Person

Cleanliness can also make or break your home staging experience. People should smell fresh, piney smells when they enter the home. Stale or foul odors will immediately put people off, no matter how beautifully a property is staged.

Hire some professionals to thoroughly clean the home, including the floors, all of the surfaces, and behind refrigerators and other appliances.

Research some color scheme options for decorating the home. The home should be inviting to buyers, and should wow them when they walk through the door.

Use Ambient Sounds and Aromatherapy

Take the time to create a mood and a vibe in the home. This will invite people to relax and allow themselves to take the home in. Many home stagers experience success having flutes of wine and cheese and fruit trays for people to enjoy as they browse.

Install some aromatherapy diffusers in the home and use some essential oils like peppermint, lavender, lemon, and rose. These oils encourage people to relax and breathe deeply so that they can live in the moment while taking in the tour.

Open the windows up so that you let in plenty of natural light. Sunlight has mood-enhancing qualities that will automatically make people feel at home and relaxed.

Put Some Finishing Touches to Use

Staging Your Home

It’s the details that will sell your home when you’re staging it. This is the difference between a home looking nondescript and plain, and making it an experience that people drink in. Put some fresh, soft, decorative towels in the bathrooms – especially the master bathroom.

Invest in some fresh and fluffy covers for the beds, and choose curtains and drapes that are stylish and artistic.

Make it Seamless for People to Apply

When you have a website that sells a product, you need to make it quick and seamless for people to make a purchase. The same applies when you’re staging a home. Have a neat packet of paperwork and brochures that you hand out or allow people to grab as soon as they walk in or out.

This packet should include a breakdown of the home, in addition to photos, blueprints, layouts, facts, and digital media content. You can also include a QR code that lets people to your website or social media to apply or for further information. This is how you capitalize on the home staging process and turn your visitors into conversions, so you can get your home off the market.

Use These Staging a Home for Sale Tips

The staging a home for sale tips above will help you get a return on your investment while attracting plenty of buyers. Showing a home is part art and part science, so it’s important that you put the best tips to use. Figure out what works best for you and put your creative ideas to the test.

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