There is no denying that finding the perfect candidates for certain positions can be a long and expensive process, especially for small businesses. Whether you employ 50 or 10,000 people, you no doubt want to make sure that you choose the right person for the job every time. Utilizing staffing company software will help you do just that. Here is how:

What is Staffing Company Software?

Already quite popular among recruitment firms and headhunters, staffing company software is designed to address the growing challenges by sourcing, managing and tracking candidates throughout the process. During the recruitment process, the software allows HR staff to compare candidates, facilitate interactions and evaluate how well a candidate’s qualifications match your company’s individual needs. There is no need to hire a recruitment firm when you can pair existing HR personnel with this software.

Hiring Efficiency

Almost all Fortune 500 companies use staffing company software. If you are a HR professional then using staffing software will help improve the hiring process. There are a few ways staffing company software accomplishes this feat.

First, the software can easily automate tasks, which removes tedious, wasted time spent scheduling interviews, communicating and progressing through the hiring process with a few simple settings. This ability is by far the biggest advantage of recruitment technology.

The software also makes sourcing candidates easier by mass-producing businesses’ job postings to multiple job search or career websites, as well as social media. A business that uses this software no longer has to create multiple posts on multiple sites; the system can automatically post the same job posting to several different popular job boards.

Not to mention, this type of software allows businesses to create built-in interview questions and scorecards that can be used during the interview stage. Additionally, some programs have options to integrate with video, assessment and background checks providers, thereby streamlining the process of evaluating candidates.

Data analytics and trends help any size business improve its marketing, impact in the industry, and — with staffing company software — hiring processes. No matter what size business, improving daily helps save time and money.

Finally, this software can analyze what works and what doesn’t in the way a business hires by generating detailed reports. That way, HR personnel can easily see at a glance what is working and use that data to improve the quality of future postings. This, over time, can decrease the time and money spent on hiring.

Software Selection

There are many different company staffing software programs available on the market today. Key features that you will want to seek out include the ability to post job listings to multiple websites and social media platforms, a simple way to receive and review resumes and applications online, an option to create a pre-screening questionnaire that removes unqualified candidates, criteria search capabilities for your candidate database and a system for monitoring the progress of candidates throughout the hiring process.

Remember also that technology is always evolving and you might find that your needs change as your company grows. Be sure to keep this in mind as you shop for the ideal staffing company software.

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