Spring is known for many things that make you feel like a new season has rolled in.

One of those things is cleaning and it has become a seasonal ritual for most households. Even if you clean your house on a daily or weekly basis throughout the year, there’s nothing like a good spring cleaning to clear out all of the dirt accumulated during winter.

Since you will be cleaning up residue from an entire season, it usually takes quite a lot of time and energy. But there are some easier ways to get your home spring ready much quicker.

Check out these 10 deep cleaning hack

1. Use a Dryer Sheet for Baseboard

Some areas of the house are an absolute pain to try and reach. Baseboards are definitely one of them because a lot of times you need to get down on your hands and knees to give them a good wipe down.

Well, you can make getting on all fours a thing of the past by using one of the most simple cleaning hacks for baseboards.

Simply grab a Swiffer and remove the microfiber cloth. Instead, attach a dryer sheet and watch your baseboards begin to shine. This will help with any dust that is hard to pick up.

2. Spray Down Area Rugs

There are so many feet (and possibly some paws) that run back and forth on your area rugs throughout the year. No matter what material or color they are, it seems impossible to escape the dirt.

By springtime, they need a really good scrub.

Instead of getting on the floor and trying to wipe off each rug individually, take the larger ones outside and hang them up. Sprinkle some baking soda and another cleaner of choice (optional) on them. Hose them down and let them air dry.

The pressure from the hose and the baking soda should help with some tougher stains. You can do this with the smaller rugs but feel free to throw those in the washing machine.

3. Make An Oven Concoction

How many meals have you cooked in the oven that have boiled and spilled over?

Most times the food residue that sits over time becomes seemingly impossible to lift and clean. But here’s one of the best cleaning hacks for getting your oven back shining again without using harsh chemicals.

Grab a bowl and mix baking soda and water together until it becomes a paste. Scrub your oven with the mixture and let it sit overnight. Wash it off the next day and spray it down with vinegar after.

You can add some lemon for a fresher smell.

4. Use a Toothbrush For Faucets

Here’s one of the silliest sounding cleaning hacks.

Faucets tend to get cloudy and dull from all the water and other things splashed on them throughout the season. A great way to clean them is with something small enough to get all the crevices.

Grab a toothbrush and some baking soda and start scrubbing off your faucets. Rinse them with warm water after and finish with a soft cloth for extra shine.

5. Vacuum Your Couches

Vacuums aren’t just for floors. How many old crumbs and coins do you think are lodged in your sofas aren’t months of people sitting?

A vacuum- especially one with a small nozzle adapter- will help take care of all of that.

Put a little baking soda down and let it sit to help with stains. Use the vacuum to get it up along with any other small particles. Be sure to take off pillows to get into hard to reach spaces.

Investing in couch covers is also great for stubborn stains and a quick home revamp.

6. Vinegar Rinse Window Tracks

Windows can get really dirty and grimy throughout the year and they tend to look terrible when left unattended. One of the best cleaning hacks for getting rid of all dirt is letting baking soda sit for a few hours.

After this, pour some white vinegar over the tracks and wash everything down with lukewarm water. Pick up any leftover dust with a microfiber cloth. 

7. Use a Hairdryer

You’ve probably told your family a thousand times to use coasters under their drinks. But, of course, most times they don’t and now you’re left with those ugly water rings all over your furniture. Well, hairdryers just happen to be one of the best deep cleaning hacks for this issue.

Just run the dryer over the stains until they begin to even out. This method is quick and super cost-efficient!

8. Disinfect Your Sponges

While you’re doing all this fun cleaning, your actual supplies are accumulating a lot of dirt and bacteria that can quickly spread throughout your home. Here’s one of the quickest cleaning hacks for making sure your sponges are safe.

Place the sponge in the microwave for 2 minutes. That’s all. The heat will help to kill unwanted germs. Do not put sponges with metal attachments in the microwave.

9. Clean Blinds With Socks

Socks are definitely an uncommon cleaning supply but they come in handy with window blinds. Dip one sock in vinegar and run it across your blinds. Take another dry sock to finish up the job.

Sticking your hand in the sock makes this cleaning hack much more convenient and fun. Check out more window cleaning tips.

10. Boil Orange Peels

This is one of the best non-toxic cleaning hacks to give your house a wonderful aroma. Don’t throw your orange peels away just yet. Grab a large pot and boil some water.

Throw the orange peels in and let the delicious steam fill the air. You can also add lemon and lime to create a stronger citrus smell.

Interested in More Cleaning Hacks?

Spring cleaning has become an essential part of our lives for getting our homes in order. It also seems to help you on a deeper level as well.

Incorporate some of these cleaning hacks into your next seasonal clean. Check out this article for more tips on giving your house the best shine.

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