Moving overweight or over-sized materials, especially across the country, is a tall order. With rules and regulations in each state, transportation workers need to be especially aware of what they can and cannot do regarding freight transportation.

Best Trucking Companies in Florida

And while state regulations are essential for transporting goods, safety and know-how are others, especially when it comes to specialized transport, and heavy hauling.

But what is specialized transport? What entails heavy hauling? Let’s explore these transportation topics, and see what transportation and trucking companies in Florida is right for you.

What is Specialized Transport?

Specialized transport (ST) consists of transporting freight regular trucking companies can’t handle. From hazardous materials to heat protection, and from reefer (refrigeration), to liftgate/inside delivery and warehousing, ST is high in demand.

Specialized transport consists of the following freight transportation methods:

  • Flatbed and drop deck trucking
  • Household good transportation
  • Container and intermodal transportation
  • Livestock transportation
  • Overweight and oversized load transportation
    • Indivisible loads
    • Divisible loads
  • Dry bulk
  • Oilfield trucking
  • Car transportation
    • Door-to-door
    • Terminal-to-terminal
  • Hazmat transportation
  • Load combination vehicles
    • Double trailer transportation
    • Triple trailer transportation

What is Heavy Hauling?

Heavy hauling is the transportation of overweight or over-sized machinery or equipment. To safely and legally make heavy hauling transportation possible, heavy hauling trucking companies need to obtain proper permits from each state crossed during transport.

Each state has policies and regulations regarding the shipment of oversized equipment on its roads as some state roads are unable to sustain the weight or size of the transported freight. It’s essential to have a flatbed or tractor-trailer for heavy hauling to safely and efficiently transport oversized equipment.

Factors to look for in a Heavy Hauling Trucking Company

  1. Flawless safety record.
  2. Exceptional customer service.
  3. Integrity and transparency.
  4. Insurance.
  5. Expertise and know-how.
  6. High reviews and ratings.
  7. Heavy hauling or specialized transport capacity.
  8. Accreditation and licensing.
  9. Logistical planners.
  10. Available shipping rates and quotes.

11 Best Heavy Haul & Specialized Trucking Companies in Florida

Florida is home to some of the best trucking companies in the nation. Let’s explore the top ten trucking companies in Florida, and review them one-by-one.

  1. Osage Specialized Transport. With dual headquarters in Denver, Colorado and McKinney, Texas, this specialized freight trucking company provides service across the country to construction companies and pipeline industries. With over 40 years of experience in the trucking industry, their staff are more than well prepared to ensure that your equipment is delivered promptly and safely to your worksite.
  2. State-by-State Transporters, Inc. Located in West Palm Beach, this company offers shipping services for domestic, international, enclosed, and open carrier transport. They proudly ship heavy trucks and heavy equipment, as well.
  3. May Trucking LLC. As it strives to become the leading service provider in the industry, May Trucking has you covered with your specialized and heavy haul transportation needs. Located in Jacksonville, this service provider has a vast array of specialized equipment, including (but not limited to) flatbeds, step decks, double drops, extendables, multi-axles, steerables, and more.
  4. 1A. From Miami, 1A is considered one of the leading specialized transportation service providers in the nation. It transports over-dimensional and overweight freight for multiple industries, including construction equipment, industrial machinery, infrastructure, oil and gas, and mining. The company has developed a remarkable reputation for excellent service, competitive costs, top industry expertise, and punctual, professional performance.
  5. GM Freight. For more than 20 years, GM Freight in Miami has had experience working with heavy equipment transportation, and sending cargo worldwide. Heavy hauling is one of its specialties, and its professional transportation workers have the know-how and ability to disassemble equipment, and place it safely in 20′ or 40′ containers. GM Freight provides its customers with different shipping options due to its contracts with different shipping freight lines.
  6. Freight InfraSol. In Miami, Freight InfraSol provides specialized logistics and oversized freight services. From route planning to obtaining the proper permits, this service provider is sure to exceed your trucking expectations, and meet your freight and cargo needs. The company not only deals with oversized loads, but it handles hazmat trucking, vehicle shipping, flatbed trucking, drayage trucking, dry van trucking, LTL trucking, and refrigerated trucking.
  7. DGD Transport. In Miami, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale, DGD Transport has in-house 3PL equipment and Landolls, Low Boy, LowBoy RGN Stretch, Step Decks, and Flat Beds. To ensure their compliance with federal and state regulations, all DGD Transport drivers are TSA, TWIC, Hazmat, and Tanker approved. DGD Transport is capable of assisting with both local and nationwide heaving hauling needs.
  8. Alkaline Logistics LLC. With its transport logistics, and heavy haulage services, Alkaline Logistics in Sunrise has an exceptional reputation for meeting the heavy hauling transport needs of its customers — whether domestically or across the nation. For substantial freight needs, Alkaline Logistics ensures your cargo is delivered safely, punctually, and affordably.
  9. Nationwide Transport Services. From West Palm Beach, this trucking provider has multiple services to meet your cargo needs. From flatbed shipping services to tanker shipping and pneumatic services to Conestoga services, Nationwide Transport Services is your one-stop-shop. The company specializes in the transport of large machinery, oversize freight, LTL, and farming equipment to any U.S. destination!
  10. World Transportation Services (WTS). In Fort Lauderdale, WTS provides heavy hauling services for nationwide deliveries, wholly equipped with standard decks to stretch and multi-axle trailers to boot. With customized solutions for each of its customers, WTS is committed to supporting your freight needs, whether your load requires multimodal transportation, route surveys, or any other specific preparation.

R+L Global Logistics. In addition to expedited shipping to intermodal shipping, and from temperature-controlled shipping to high-risk shipping, this trucking provider offers specialized transport and heavy hauling transportation trucking companies in Florida services.

Located in Ocala, R+L Global Logistics serves specialized industries including global technology, consumer goods, life science & medical, chemical, engineering & industrial, and business franchise.

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