The Miami Herald reported Friday:

Univision, the Spanish-language television network that hosted historic presidential debates in 2008, has invited Republican gubernatorial candidates Bill McCollum and Rick Scott to face off in Miami.

A debate aimed at a Spanish-speaking audience could get interesting, considering that Arizona’s tough new crackdown on illegal immigration has become an issue in the governor’s race.

McCollum and Scott support an Arizona-type law for Florida.

Alex Sink, leading Democratic gubernatorial candidate said at a Liberty City rally last week that “the federal government must develop immigration policy and that an Arizona-style law would be bad for Florida.”

President Obama delivered a speech on Thursday about immigration reform.

Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center said it “applauds President Obama’s commitment to enacting comprehensive immigration reform, however current enforcement policies and mass deportations snare many of the families and youths who would otherwise be eligible for legalization under the immigration reforms envisioned by President Obama.”

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