When we think of all the ways that we have lost out on money due to covid-19, it is almost as heart-breaking as all of the other disruptions it has caused. Gaps in the supply chain have led to openings in service, which has upset consumer loyalty and left many of us without work altogether.

Now that things seem to be drawing to a close, businesses all over Florida are looking around for space solutions to some of the ongoing costs incurred. From downsizing to eCommerce to doing away with bricks and mortar buildings altogether, businesses are fighting to stay alive by saving wherever they can.

With all of the above at the forefront of our minds, we decided it was high time we reviewed some innovative space solutions which should help your overheads.

Space Solutions That Will Save Costs

Here are some of our favorite space solutions for those that want to work smart.

1 – Rent A Shared Space

Rent a Shared Space

A shared office will group your team in with another few office residents across separate floors or departments. You could rent a single room for yourself to have an office for clients to visit you at. The difference between a shared space and your own rented office is in price alone.

You share in the costs such as internet and phone lines, yet you get all the benefits of the office space you need. Those renting a coworking space Dallas have been more than satisfied.

2 – On Again, Off Again

If technical issues have plagued your staff while working from home, you can still save money on building costs by downsizing your office. For example, have half of your team in for half the week, and the other half working from home, then switch. This solution means half the desks, half the computers, and more productivity than you currently have.

3 – Renegotiate

office products

There are a lot fewer offices still in business than there were before Coronavirus. An obvious answer to space-saving or cost-minimizing is going to your landlord and renegotiating your lease. If that doesn’t work, you are in the position to shop around. Sure, the cost of moving might be high, but how much does it save you on rent each month?

4 – Consider Sub-Letting

Just as you can return to your landlord and ask for a new rental deal, you can also give them back some space or rent out an office or a floor as a sub-letter. You could then minimize your rental costs – as long as your landlord is OK with it. This can even help you offset some of your carbon emissions too.

5 – Outsource Everything

If Covid hit you hard and business isn’t what it was, consider outsourcing the processes you needed the office for in the first place. If you need a space to pack orders, outsource it to a warehouse. If you need somewhere for your clients to meet you, go local for coffee, and charge it as a business expense.

Office Space Is Negotiable

finding office space

What have we learned from all of this? That your business space is yours to do with as you please. Don’t feel chained to it. Florida has so many other options to explore.

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