Southern charm is still in style, and you need to know how to achieve the South’s best looks. So, whether you consider yourself a country boy or a dapper gentleman, men’s southern style can help you find some charm.ย 

Clothing represents who we are as people. They help us to embody the characteristics we value most. From manners to edginess, southern man in suit drawing style can oblige.ย 

Men’s Southern Style Tips: From Casual to Formal

Clothing also helps us to feel our best. When we feel our best, we can also perform at our best at work and in social settings. A sense of confidence can easily be achieved with the right attire and attitude.ย 

The South has a culture that’s full of different styles. But, all these styles have one thing in common. And, that’s the men from the South who wear them.ย 

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These men embody the South’s core values of being polite, kind, and humble. These values are near and dear to the hearts of Southern men and women alike. And, this type of Southern charm is sure to come through in the fashion choices Southerners select.ย 

So, how can we best achieve Southern styles for men? Read on to find out 9 southern men’s style tips.ย 

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Our sense of style is unique to us all. But, sometimes we may need a little help to make our looks complete southern man in suit drawing.ย 

Even if you’re not a fashion-forward person, a style upgrade can do wonders in your life. It can help you to finally ask out your crush, land your dream job, or walk down the aisle with confidence. Sometimes a fresh look is all we need to make substantial and meaningful changes in our lives.ย 

As they say, “when you look good, you feel good.” This common saying demonstrates the power of dressing well and exuding how we feel. If you’re ready for a style upgrade and are from the south or live there, then you need to know all about these southern men’s style tips.ย 

Explore the following men’s southern style tips to get inspired to refresh your look. Keep reading to get the top fashion trends to help you choose your summer style.

1. Get a Classy Haircut

Your outfit is only as stylish as your hair-do. So make sure to get all the positive attention you can by getting a classy haircut. To find a classy haircut, first, search through the latest men’s haircut trends.ย 

Currently, faded sides and longer hair on top is in style. If this just isn’t your look, then find another haircut that transforms you into the classiest version of you.ย 

2. Invest in Great Shoes

Shoes are the finishing touch to every outfit. But, when you don’t have the right shoes, they can stick out like a sore thumb. Make a point to invest in great shoes for your casual, business, and formal wear.ย 

Feel free to save up to ensure that you get the best pair you can buy.

3. Upgrade Your T-Shirt

T-shirts don’t always mean you’re ready to sit on the couch for the evening. And, if this is what your t-shirts communicate, then it’s time for a t-shirt upgrade.

Invest in high-quality t-shirts that are fitted. They should also be made out of cotton so you can keep cool in the Southern heat.ย 

Southern Fried Cotton T-shirts are a great example of a high-quality t-shirt that will reflect your inner Southern charm.

4. Invest in a Fitted Suit

Baggy, hanging suits are never a good look. In the South, a baggy suit is the opposite of Southern charm. To ensure that you achieve the most dapper version of yourself, invest in a fitted suit.ย 

Make a visit to your nearest suit shop and have them measure you for a fitted suit.

5. Suit Accessories are a Must

What’s a suit without accessories? In the Southern men’s style, it’s essential that you have a skinny tie and a pocket square. If you’re feeling extra fancy invest in a pair of cufflinks.ย 

6. Layering

Layering may seem unnecessary in the Southern heat, but it’s definitely a stylish choice. Layer your lightweight sweaters with a button-up shirt. Allow the collar to show through to give your outfit contrast.

7. Invest in a Durable Belt

Every Southern man needs a durable belt. A durable belt is the epitome of masculinity in the South, and you need to have at least one black and one brown belt to look your best. Feel free to show off your belt by rocking a french tuck or fully tucking in your shirt.

8. High-Quality Cotton Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are an essential item every man needs in their closet. Oxford dress shirts can get a bit too warm in the South, so it’s best to invest in cotton dress shirts. These dress shirts are more breathable and won’t make you sweat as much.

9. Choose the Right Accessories

All men’s southern style outfits need the right accessories. One such accessory to invest in is a stylish watch. You can also accessorize by selecting a high-quality briefcase and socks. An additional, easy-win, is to pair off any look with a stylish pair of sunglasses, as long as the weather permits. For those not blessed with the best vision, weโ€™d suggest either shopping for contacts online or getting prescription lenses for stunning aviators.ย 

Nothing should prevent you from looking your best and the tools are there to make you stand out from the crowd.

Southern Men’s Style Tips: Find Florida Style Mens Clothes

These men’s southern style tips won’t go far without high-quality clothing. So, once you’re set on creating one of these looks, it’s time to go shopping.ย 

If you plan on purchasing new clothing online, make sure to first know what sizes you wear. To determine if a clothing item will fit you correctly, check out the product’s online reviews. Customer reviews will able to tell you if a company’s products run smaller or larger.ย 

This can save you a trip to the post office in the event that you need to return something. When browsing the company’s online reviews, also make note of what customers have to say about the product’s quality of southern man in suit drawing.ย 

Did the clothing arrive as described? Was the clothing well-made and durable? It’s important that the clothing items you purchase are made-to-last.ย 

If they aren’t, then you may only get to wear them a couple of times before they show signs of wear. Signs of wear include fraying thread, fading color, or even holes.ย 

Want to learn more about purchasing high-quality clothing online? Check out our blog post to from Fashion section to learn more. This article showcases some of the best men street style that Southern guys would love too.

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