In today’s busy world, it’s all too easy to suddenly find yourself snowed under. A build-up of demands on your time along with a deluge of urgent responsibilities can cause major pressure and may result in significant damage to your mental health. If you find yourself floundering, don’t despair. There are real-world solutions to many of the problems that are causing you stress.

Here are the ways

Talk About It

Think about your stress. Who are the key individuals involved? It may be your line manager at work who sets you too many tasks to complete in one day. It may be a loved one or family member who is being particularly demanding of you. If there are a few specific individuals in control of the issues that are causing you stress, arrange a brief chat with each of them. Simply explain what the problem is and why. You don’t need to bare your soul or use emotive language, just check if there is any way that things can be tweaked to ease the pressure. The individuals involved may not even realize that they are causing problems and you may find that they instantly start to make changes in order to help you. If not, at least you tried, and at least they are now aware of the situation.


Can you ask for help or pass on any of your tasks or responsibilities to another individual? It can be hard to admit that you can’t manage everything on your own, but even handing over a few minor jobs to several other people can significantly ease your own load and reduce your stress levels.

Look for Practical Solutions

Write down everything that is making you stressed and pay close attention to each thing, one at a time. What will solve this problem once and for all? If you’re not sure, speak to a friend, colleague or loved one who might know. If it’s a financial or cash flow issue, consider reviewing payday loan options from ThinkSaveRetire, as it may be the best option for getting quick access to the cash you need. If it’s a calendar clash, think about rescheduling. If it’s a huge pile of work, create a plan and maybe factor in some overtime. You may find that certain solutions will require considerable effort, expense or planning, but don’t let that put you off. It’s worth taking the plunge now to save yourself major problems in the long run.

Take a Break

Can some of your tasks and responsibilities be put on hold, even for a short while? If so, make the necessary arrangements and get out of there. Whether it’s just for an hour, an afternoon, a weekend, a whole week or more, one of the best ways to deal will stress is to remove yourself from the situation in question, give your mind and body a break and then approach it again later when you’re feeling refreshed. You may find that this approach gives you a sense of clarity and objectivity that you simply couldn’t manage back when you felt swamped.

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