Renewable energy is the fastest-growing energy source in the United States.

As non-renewable resources continue to dwindle and run out, it’s time to get on board with as many renewable energy sources as possible.

Two of the leading renewable energy sources are solar panels and wind turbines. Yet, what’s the difference between solar energy vs wind energy, and is one truly better than the other?

Read on to find out.

Home Solar Panels

solar panels for homes

Modern home solar panels are one of the top renewable energy sources. These are generally installed on the roof or are ground-mounted.

Solar energy works by converting sunlight into energy using photovoltaic cells, also known as solar cells. These use silicone, which is a semi-conductive material, to create an electrical current.

The solar panels create direct current (DC) electricity, so it is converted by an inverter to alternating current (AC) electricity, which is what powers your home.

Solar panels generally have an average power capacity of between 250 and 400 watts. They can also reach between 15% and 20% efficiency levels, meaning only 20% of the energy reaching the panels is being converted into electricity.

Home Wind Turbines

Home Wind Turbines

Wind turbines work much differently than solar panels.

Wind energy is created through kinetic energy, relying on the wind turbines to spin using an inner rotor. This rotor will send energy to the generator, converting it into AC electricity.

One of the best benefits of renewable energy is that it can be sourced from anywhere. Yet, for wind energy, the turbines need to be as big as possible to be most effective.

This makes their use much more challenging in residential areas. Wind turbines are most often seen used for commercial or industrial purposes.

However, wind turbines have a 50% average efficiency level, which is significantly better than the 20% for solar panels.

Pros and Cons of Solar Panels

How to Prepare Your Roof for Solar Panels

Solar panels are excellent energy sources because the center of their design is for residential purposes. They require very little maintenance for a 25+ year lifespan and are cheaper to install than wind turbines.

However, they only convert energy when the sun is shining, so a couple of cloudy and rainy days in a row could stall the amount of energy produced. They will also not work for every home, and they are less efficient than wind turbines.

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Solar Energy vs Wind Energy: Who Is the Winner?

In the great debate of solar energy vs wind energy, you can conclude that they both have a lot to offer. Solar panels may work best for residential spaces, while wind turbines can work for larger commercial or industrial areas.

No matter what, though, they are both working to create more renewable energy, which is a win for all.

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