Ecommerce is a rapidly growing industry that has contributed to over half of the retail industry’s growth in the last several years. New software tools and platforms are entering the market as demand for online sales increase. Such business tools help eCommerce businesses capture leads, generate revenue, and grow their online businesses. There are several types of platforms available to online retailers, such as those designed for specific functions like website design or web traffic analytics, or those that integrate multiple business processes into a one-stop-shop. Specific mobile apps give business owners the freedom to manage their store from anywhere. Ecommerce software brings all aspects of operating an online store into one dashboard and offers business owners a range of features.

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Managing Products

Software geared towards online retailers, such as CPQ software, makes it easy to add and remove products from your store. It’s designed to managed SKUs and automatically updates available inventory as orders are received and fulfilled. This software can also provide deep insights into product sales and inventory.

The best solution to managing your products is the use of a CPQ software solution. CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote and the software is used to configure custom quotes and process orders for configurable products.

CPQ software is used for faster, more reliable product configuration, the simplification of complex products, streamlining the sales process, standardizing pricing with accurate sales quotes, and improving the overall customer experience.

For example, the CPQ solutions offered by Configure One allows users to configure products, calculate real-time pricing, send custom quotes, and process orders in less time while maintaining an accurate quote regardless of how complex a product is. Automation of the entire process of sales-to-production allows the sales team to move through the sales pipeline faster and with more efficiency. The best way to grow your online retail business is to use a CPQ system that innovates how you generate price quotes and sell configurable products to meet more customer needs. You won’t believe how much easier the right CPQ software can make your salespeople’s jobs by streamlining the quote process.

Built-In Order Management

Delivering exceptional customer service means getting a product to a customer as soon as possible. The right software ensures efficient order processing and shipping by tracking and managing orders from the time they are placed and delivered to the customer.

Software Tools for Growing E-Commerce

Keeping up with customer needs and demands is the key to succeeding as a small business owner. Having the right business and work tools greatly improves workflow and efficiency, especially when providing complex products that require accurate dosage. For instance, if a vendor is selling vape products, they’ll need to meet the large demand for vape cartridges, pens, and pods. In order to meet customer needs, sellers need to offer an accurate product. A vape cartridge filling machine comes with all the must-have functions of a cartridge oil filling machine, but specific customers may have different oils or different discount codes. All of this comes into play when a CPQ tool is configuring a price quote.

Earthwise Packaging offers filling machines capable of filling up to 12,000 vape cartridges daily with no waste, precision, and control. They carry all the accessories necessary to fill a variety of cartridge and oil types including syringes, reservoir replacement parts, custom needles, foot pedals, and more. The faster you can meet order fulfillment, the better buying experience you give customers, and the faster you will exceed your bottom line. Make sure your have the right communication software at your fingertips to ensure a great connection between manufacturers and distributors.

Ecommerce software is designed to tackle all the business processes related to an online store. It can handle everything from calculating taxes, printing shipping labels, tracking orders, and sending customer notifications.

Speeding Up Checkout

Software Tools for Growing E-Commerce

Customers don’t want to go through a long, drawn-out checkout process. Cloud-based software streamlines checkout forms and simplifies the transaction process so the sale can be completed as soon as possible. Allowing buyers to complete the sales process without going through a sales rep results in a better buying experience and less time spent going through steps.

Built-In Marketing and SEO Tools

Software Tools for Growing E-Commerce

Most eCommerce software platforms are designed with search engine optimization and social media in mind. The higher that a business appears in search engine results, the more customer traffic, and the better sales will be. Built-in SEO optimization and marketing tools help small business owners increase search rankings.

Using the right eCommerce software allows you to manage your products and orders, helps tackle all the important business processes, speeds up the sales process and checkout, and features built-in marketing and SEO tools to help your small business succeed.

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