Starting a successful business is no small feat. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things most people are likely to do in their lives. Maintaining and growing a business can be even harder. Technology gives modern business owners some advantages that their past counterparts didn’t have, but nothing can guarantee the success of a business.

The fact is that only about 25% of businesses manage to survive for 15 years or longer in the United States. If you want to be in that number, you’ll need everything you can get to ensure your business is safe and working as smart as possible. Particularly if you run a medium to large-scale business, you’ll need the best innovations in automation to work on your side.

Here are some excellent digital solutions

If you’re running a large business in the U.S., then you likely have unique needs compared to smaller businesses. You may even have multiple locations across the country with hundreds of employees. You know the importance of maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and well-functioning website, and yours may have thousands of webpages and petabytes of data that you’ll need to comb through. That’s why you need an intelligent search solution.

Elasticsearch is an open-source full-text search and analytics engine that can search through all of your data and provide relevant results in real-time. It’s the core component of the ELK stack, which also includes LogStash and Kibana, and it’s all free to use under the Apache License. LogStash is able to simultaneously pull information from multiple data sources and store it in relevant clusters on your servers through a process called data ingestion. Information can then be instantly retrieved by your employees and customers, making everyone’s life easier. Kibana can even instantly create visualizations of your data, so everything can be understood at a glance.

Threat Intelligence

Software Solutions

Every business runs the risk of being attacked, and you need to make sure that you’re constantly vigilant. This goes beyond just cyber attacks as well. With LifeRaft, you can comb open sources on the internet like forums, social media sites, blogs, and more in real-time to identify and prepare a response to threatening events.

Life Raft’s services eliminate the need to manually scroll through online feeds to locate threats, and Raft automatically informs you of any threats made to your employees, buildings, or operations. For example, if there was a discussion on the dark web about attacking your headquarters building, you would be informed and able to investigate information about the accounts involved and further track information on the attack. This service, combined with strong cybersecurity, will make your business as safe as possible.

Call Center Software

Software Solutions

There’s no one more important to your business than your customers, and if you want to keep them loyal, you’ll need to provide outstanding customer service. A great way to do that is by providing convenient and efficient call center services. Customers are already likely to be frustrated when contacting tech support or trying to reach your contact center, and the last thing they need is to be left on hold with slow service.

It can be challenging to maintain an in-house call center, especially during the COVID-19 epidemic in the U.S., so you may want to work with virtual call center companies. A virtual call center offers the same customer support as a typical call center, but it’s staffed by agents with remote jobs all over the world. Virtual call center agents can be available for customer care at all times, especially if you hire agents in multiple different time zones. The best call center software ensures customers are automatically routed to the best call center representative for their concerns and can even let callers reach your agents through convenient digital means (text, SMS, web chat, mobile apps, etc.).

There’s no doubt you’ve worked hard to get your business to where it is today. It’s important to protect yourself and ensure you’re offering customers as much convenience as possible so you can continue to grow.

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