Any successful specialist working in mobile app development cannot confidently look into the near future if he does not comprehensively intensify his production processes.

The report of the world-recognized authoritative consulting firm McKinsey & Company, which appeared recently, has made a real revolution in the world of data solutions developers. It introduces fundamentally new concepts and approaches to business performance that instantly became the Bible of top managers of leading IT companies.

A new commandment I give to you

A new commandment

The New Testament from McKinsey is called Developer Velocity and includes 46 drivers, logically divided into 13 sections.

The key concept of this rapidly conquering teaching is the “Developer Velocity Index” (DVI).

Experts who have carefully studied this report and its recommendations are sure: not a single web framework, no one web application can claim guaranteed success if the entire system of software solutions production has not undergone a radical restructuring. Today, it is safe to say that if you are looking for a future tech partner, you should definitely find out how deeply he has integrated DVI principles into his workflows.

Below, we will talk about the main points that can provide software excellence in the conditions of fierce competition.

The rules of omnipotence

The rules of omnipotence

Experts from the McKinsey team prove through practical examples that the approaches they deduced during the study are applicable not only to the IT industry but also to any production in the broadest sense. It doesn’t matter what we are talking about: websites production, application testing, Node.js development outsourcing service or turbine manufacturing plant and pharmaceuticals or even the food industry, at least four out of 13 groups developed by McKinsey & Company have absolutely universal meaning. We are talking about:

  • Instruments;
  • Culture;
  • Production management;
  • Talent management.

From the above, it is clear that product management is closely intertwined with people management. To implement such a global change, of course, large companies request specialists. However, at the level of small and medium-sized enterprises, the implementation of these four approaches provides the largest share in the overall DVI rating. This, in turn, ensures maximum business performance.

It is important to understand that when speaking about software excellence, we mean not just the impeccable reliability, relevance, and elegance of the code of a separate program or a whole line of data solutions. It is about achieving an excellent level at all stages of the mobile app development process. Furthermore, it is an integrated approach to solving this problem that can ensure the competitiveness of any IT company, a high level of its capitalization, and smooth integration into the rapidly changing world of high technologies.

So what, after all, do you mean?

The good news Small businesses can have great email security

Perhaps the vaguest of the four criteria above are those related to working with people. Let’s try to figure it out in more detail.

The following recommendations are also taken from McKinsey reports and are based on the combined experience of more than a hundred global companies leading in a wide variety of industries.

  • Take the time to develop a clear, comprehensible, and engaging strategy for your firm. Make sure they are not just familiar to every employee across the vertical of the company but are personally accepted by them. Remember that money is not the only or even the first motivator among all known ones.
  • Working in a pandemic has given us invaluable experience. Not to use it would be, at the very least, mismanagement. Quarantine realities have shown how effective relatively small teams with a high level of autonomy can be. Think about it.
  • Remember to transparently delegate authority within these teams and maintain a high level of performance discipline. Initiative and control are inseparable. Pay attention to leaders, encourage and support them. Do not spare resources to improve the qualifications of employees who have proven their prospects.
  • More than 60% of CEOs of successful companies emphasize the importance of digital tools used in the teams’ work. Without a doubt, this is an extremely relevant aspect of the organization of modern high-tech production. However, the human factor is still decisive. Therefore, create the clearest for you, as a manager, systems for integrating digital solutions into the team of employees.

In 2017, on the way to the victorious march of the digital revolution, another memorable sign was installed: every second inhabitant of the Earth connected to the World Wide Web. Today, this achievement does not seem so significant against the backdrop of the daily news from the digital front. Every day presents us with new challenges. And you need to prepare for them in advance. This is the key to success in any business.

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Airbnb, a company that lets everyone lend their house, flat or a room is expected to start issuing stocks this year and this is certainly the most interesting IPO to keep your eyes on. The reason for this is very simple – apart from nearly $25Bn valuation, Airbnb actually generates some significant revenues.

What also tells us that this IPO will be a successful one is the lack of legal issues behind the business processes. Even though some laws in Germany were prohibiting the usage of such peer-to-peer services, the whole legal framework behind Airbnb is rather favourable. In addition to this, there is quite a strong support for the shared economy nowadays and, hence, this company might be seen as the safe-haven investment.

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What makes this IPO the most interesting one? The whole legal situation behind Uber. Clients love it for its pricing and simplicity. Taxi companies hate it. Without a doubt Uber is a successful company, yet its operations strongly depend on the legal decisions of the local authorities.

While strikes against Uber happen frequently, those are the local regulators that will have a final word in determining Uber’s success in terms of market coverage and, hence, revenues.

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