TikTok users spend, on average, a staggering 500 minutes a month using the app. With such a highly engaged audience, not utilizing the platform can be detrimental to your social media strategy.

You may think it’s an app just for teenagers, but the growing audience includes people of all ages and demographics. In fact, nearly a quarter of U.S. internet users have viewed videos on TikTok.

If you are just starting out with adding TikTok to your social media strategy, you may need some tips on how to be successful with the platform.

Follow the below social media strategy, and you will be racking up those views in no time!

Use Influencers to Get More Views

Use Influencers to Get More Views

There are hugely influential personas putting out social media content on TikTok. Some have hundreds of millions of followers.

Working with influencers can help you get your brand in front of your target audience.

You may not feel comfortable working with the app’s biggest stars. Instead, try to seek out some micro-influencers. These are people in a specific niche who have fewer followers but an incredibly engaged audience.

With these influencers’ help, you can create content that they know their audiences will view, love, and engage with.

Don’t Underestimate Experimentation

There is no exact formula to what goes viral on the platform. Some content gets views, likes, and shares for no apparent reason!

The best way to create viral content is to experiment—a lot. Try out different styles of video. Try comedic videos, informative videos, life hack videos, cute ones.

Produce different content types to get some statistics on what your audience engages with and what they don’t like so much.

If the content you are producing is high quality and provides value to the viewer, you can’t go wrong. Provide comic value or informative content.

Use Hashtags

Use Hashtags

As with most social media platforms, TikTok uses hashtags. Use them as part of your social media marketing strategy.

Rule number one – try not to use generic hashtags. If you use generic tags that already have millions of other videos tagged, your content will get lost.

Try to find more niche hashtags that are relevant to your industry, product, or service. Create your own hashtag, so TikTok users recognize your content. You can build a community around your own hashtag.

Some words of advice – don’t use hashtags for the sake of it. Try to be strategic and intentional with your hashtag use.

Know Your Competition

Check out what your competitors are doing on the platform. Then do more and do it better. Make sure you have a competitive edge.

Look at the type of content your competitors are producing. Then analyze what is getting engagement and what isn’t.

Check the explore section of the app for some more inspiration.

You can use this information to your advantage, especially if you have similar audiences to your competitors.

Trends on TikTok come and go as fast as the weather changes. If you can post content that fits into a trending hashtag or current trend on the platform, you are more likely to get views.

Building a brand on TikTok is all about producing the right content at the right time. Make sure you are on top of what is happening!

Engage With Other App Users

You can’t just post videos and expect the views to come rolling in. You need to be part of the app’s community.

Like, share, and follow creators you endorse. If you promote others’ work, chances are they will do the same for you.

The more specific your comments are, the more the algorithm will like you. Try to avoid generic statements such as ‘cool video.’ Be creative with your writing. Share comments that actually add value for the creator and the other viewers.

You also need to post often to keep your followers engaged. If you seldom post, the algorithm won’t favor your content, and you won’t show up in peoples’ ‘For You’ feeds.

If you find it hard to engage your followers and are still unsure how to get views on TikTok, you can always give your profile a boost via a social boosting platform.

Plan Your Social Media Strategy in Advance

Plan Your Social Media Strategy in Advance

Developing a social media strategy for your brand will likely include some paid social advertisements.

Try to make your ads seamlessly integrate with the rest of your organic content. If you are running some paid partnerships, be smart about the way you present them.

Paid videos will always have fewer views and likes than organic ones. People don’t like feeling they are being sold to. You can combat this by making ads that are similar to the rest of your content.

Having a goal for your content and strong calls to action will also make it more effective. If you randomly post things, it may not be as effective as posts with a purpose.

Make a plan of all the content you want to post in a month and then organize it in a way that fits seamlessly together. Leave some room for spontaneous trend posts too.

Ultimately, Have Fun Posting on TikTok

TikTok is meant to be a fun and enjoyable social media app. It’s less serious than other social platforms and is a great tool to experiment with new social media strategy and content ideas.

If you are having fun producing content, chances are your followers will feel great from watching it. Create content that excites and entertains people.

With this social media strategy, you will have thousands of views in no time.

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