Do you want to keep a close eye on what happens inside of your home when you’re not around?

Whether you want to watch what your kids are doing or monitor your nanny, you can do it by using spy cameras throughout your home. Spy cameras have become increasingly popular in recent years as the cost associated with them has gone down.

It’s important for you to learn how to hide a spy camera before you start using one, though. The last thing you want to do is leave a spy camera out in the open where it’ll be easy for people to detect it and avoid it.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways that you can mask your spy camera so that it doesn’t tip anyone off. Here are a few ways to go about doing it.

Figure Out Which Room Will Have a Spy Camera in It

Where are you planning on putting a spy camera once you purchase one for your home? Are you going to set it up in:

  • Your living room?
  • Your child’s bedroom?
  • Your basement?
  • Your kitchen?
  • Your office?

It’s a good idea to spend some time thinking about which room you’re going to put your spy camera in. This will help you figure out how to hide a spy camera in your home so that it doesn’t get noticed by others.

If you’re planning on putting a spy camera in, say, your living room, it might be easy enough for you to hide it on a bookshelf or in any other spot where it’ll be surrounded by a bunch of other stuff.

If, however, you’re going to be putting your spy camera in your child’s bedroom that doesn’t have too much in it, hiding it might be more challenging. Check out the room where you’re going to hide the camera to see what obstacles you might face.

Find a Spy Camera Designed to Look Like Something Else

When you go to buy a spy camera in 2019, you’re going to find that you can purchase a spy camera that looks like just about anything. This unique camera can look like:

  • An alarm clock
  • A cell phone charger
  • A watch
  • A pair of sunglasses
  • A pen
  • A picture frame
  • A smoke detector
  • A plant
  • An oscillating fan
  • A light bulb

With this in mind, you should not buy a spy camera that looks just like a camera. That would be a bad move when there are so many spy cameras out there that look like everyday objects.

Imagine how easy it’ll be to hide a spy camera when it appears as though it’s a regular old picture frame or a smoke detector hanging up on the wall or ceiling.

You won’t have to try all that hard to hide a spy camera when you choose an item that’ll look right at home parked on a table or shelf in your house.

Put a Spy Camera in a Place Where It Can See Everything

While you want to hide your spy camera so that no one is able to figure out where it is, you don’t want to do such a good job hiding it that it can’t see what’s happening in a room.

Ideally, you want your camera to be in a place where it can see as much as possible. This will ensure that you don’t miss any action taking place in your home when you’re at work, out to dinner, or running a quick errand.

It’s usually best to elevate a spy camera a little bit, if possible. This will give you a bird’s eye view of a room and allow you to keep tabs on everything happening inside of it.

Make a Spy Camera Blend In With Its Surroundings

If you put a spy camera that looks like a pen out on a table, there is a decent chance that someone might be suspicious when they see it. There’s also a decent chance that they might pick up the pen and use it and block your view when they’re done.

But if you put a spy camera that looks like a pen inside of a cup with a bunch of other pens and place it on a desk, it’ll blend in well and won’t raise anyone’s suspicions. It’ll look just like every other pen inside of the cup.

It’s important for you to find ways to make your spy camera fit in with everything that is around it. You might want to put several other objects that look like it in the general vicinity of it so that people don’t think twice when they see it.

Move a Spy Camera Around as Necessary

The great thing about using a spy camera is that you can adjust the position of it over time to improve the videos that it’s able to take.

If you find that you aren’t able to see as much as you want to when your spy camera is on a bookshelf, try moving it to a table. If the table doesn’t work, situate it next to your TV.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with hiding your spy camera in different places. You’re bound to land on one perfect place that hides your spy camera while also providing you with the best view. 

Figuring Out How to Hide a Spy Camera Is Important

Buying a spy camera is a great way to keep your home secure. But it isn’t going to do you much good if you don’t know how to hide a spy camera.

As we mentioned earlier, you should start scouting out possible locations for a spy camera before you even buy one. It could influence your decision as far as which spy camera you purchase.

Work to obscure your spy camera as best you can once you get it home and alter its positioning over time to prevent anyone from catching on to it. It should be easy enough to do when you use the right spy camera.

Check out our blog to learn about some of the other ways to improve the safety and security of your home.

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